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Private pension, known as the 3rd pillar, supplements state and occupational pensions. As an alternative to a pension account, securities-based savings are an attractive investment solution. Those who invest early in their pension improve the potential for larger returns by using Pillar 3a funds.

Pillar 3a: Pension account or securities-based savings?

Make private provisions for the future and close any pension gaps – that is the role of Pillar 3a. You can choose between paying into a pension account or saving with securities.

A Pillar 3a pension account is similar to a long-term bank account. You can contribute to your account at any time, flexibly, and without any pressure to save, up to the statutory maximum annual amount. You are also granted a preferential interest rate.

In the case of securities-based savings, however, you invest your retirement savings in a 3a fund. Even for small amounts, your participation in the financial markets is broadly diversified. While this is not without risks, it often pays off long term: The returns mean that those investing early in securities are likely to have more money available when they retire than if they leave their assets in a pension account.


Pillar 3a funds offer customized solutions

Various security solutions are available depending on how much risk you are willing to take and how long you want to invest your money. These differ primarily in terms of their equity component. The more equities there are in a fund, the higher the risk – but also the potential returns.

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Which private pension type is best for you depends entirely on your personal circumstances. Credit Suisse experts will be happy to show you the various solutions and help you with the decision.

Did you know you can switch from a Saving with securities – 3rd pillar to a Pension account – 3rd pillar, or vice versa, at any time?