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TCS offers the best roadside assistance and breakdown service in Switzerland. Through Hello Switzerland you get the membership 30% off the first year, which means CHF 65 for individuals and CHF 97 for families & couples. 

The membership discount is valid for one year. Your membership will automatically be renewed for another year if you do not cancel your membership at least three months before the year's membership is due to expire.

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The best roadside assistance at 30% off

This is what you get when you book your TCS membership through Hello Switzerland:

Best roadside assistance at 30% off

The cost of your TCS membership is CHF 65 the first year (instead of CHF 93) for individuals and CHF 97 the first year (instead of CHF 139) for families & couples. 

Your TCS membership covers all vehicles you drive

Be it a car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or an e-bike. This includes rented cars and borrowed bicycles or e-bikes.

TCS provides 24/7 breakdown service & roadside assistance

This is thanks to the TCS 620 roadside assistance patrols and garages all over Switzerland.

Guaranteed Mobility

TCS is proud to provide guaranteed mobility to drivers, ensuring an immediate onward journey in 8 out of 10 car breakdowns.

On site in 30 minutes everywhere in Switzerland

TCS owns the largest aid fleet in Switzerland and is thus able to cover the whole of Switzerland. TCS aid vehicle arrival time is usually up to 30 minutes. 

Guaranteed mobility in case of breakdown

If TCS cannot fix your vehicle, they will transport your car to your preferred garage and ensure that you and your passengers arrive at your destination. 

TCS will even cover your transport or hotel costs if you can no longer get to your destination on the same day because of a delay or cancellation in public transport or because of bad weather on the day of your trip.

Legal Protection

As a TCS member and in the event of a dispute with your car insurance due to damage to your vehicle, you can count on the free assistance of the TCS 80 lawyers and jurists.

TCS Leisure and mobility discounts

As a TCS member you can count on numerous discounts for events, cinema, hotel or camping accommodation. These are valid in Switzerland and even around the world.


Join the No. 1 Breakdown Service in Switzerland

1,5 million people in Switzerland are already TCS members. How about you?

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