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Carvolution Car Subscription

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Drive your own car, don't care about the boring stuff. Your monthly car subscription includes everything except fuel. Carvolution takes care of insurance, road tax, maintenance and all the other headaches you'd rather not handle. 

Say hello to your new car

Get CHF 50 off your new car

***Exclusive deal*** Get CHF 50 discount on your new car

Hello Switzerland clients benefit from this exclusive deal when subscribing to Carvolution: get a voucher worth CHF 50 before you sign up for your new car.

Say hello to your new car


Wouldn't it be glorious if you could just drive a car and not have to worry about the tedious stuff? Like registration (oh the paperwork!), buying the annual vignette (you know the deadline, but it somehow always, always escapes you), looking for the best-yet-cheapest car insurance (good luck with that, it's a fortune!), making appointments for maintenance or repairs (ever been scheduled for a check up at 7am?) or awkwardly hanging around the auto shop for the yearly tire change (and then the rest - what happens with the other set of tires, what on earth is a tire hotel and why so expensive?? Do the tires get breakfast??)? 

Car subscription = one monthly fee with everything included

Buying or leasing a car was yesterday. Why should you worry about the boring stuff when you can just enjoy the fun and freedom of driving your own car? 

Especially if you're an foreigner living in Switzerland, a car subscription is for you: in addition to taking over all the hassle, Carvolution requires no down payment and no long term commitment! Let's say you need to leave Switzerland in a few years or you just want to change your car, because you want to try out that gorgeous new Tesla for a few months and see what an electric car feels like - you can only do that with a car subscription. 

You're free to change your mind

You can choose another make or model than the one you initially chose, you're not stuck with the same car you bought and you don't have to worry about reselling it when you leave Switzerland (that won't be easy!).

Is a car subscription the best thing for you?

Check out all the advantages of getting a car subscription and find out if Carvolution is the best thing for you. 

So, let's see. Why should you get a Carvolution car subscription?

There's no down-payment

Zero, zip, nada.

It's more affordable than leasing or buying

See a detailed analysis below between the costs of leasing and car subscription over a duration of 36 months. 

Everything is included. Well, everything except fuel.

Apart from fuel, the monthly subscription price includes everything. Registration, taxes, insurance, road tax sticker, tire change, services and maintenance.

Everything is taken care of

Whether tire change, registration or service, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Carvolution will handle everything for you.

Full flexibility

You pick the contract duration, whether it’s for 3 months or longer. After the minimum duration has passed, you can return your car at any time with 30 days’ notice.

Fast, easy, paperless

Simple and fully online booking process. You get your car with a few clicks, instead of several days and loads of paperwork.


Cost of car subscription vs. leasing 

A car subscription is not only flexible, convenient and hassle-free, but the overall cost is simply lower than that of a traditional lease

Say hello to your new car