Fast and easy Swisscom activation service

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Swisscom is the leading Swiss telecoms and TV provider and Hello Switzerland is a licensed Swisscom re-seller. We will handle the admin for you at no extra charge.

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Fast and easy Swisscom activation service

Need a Swiss mobile SIM? Want to get internet or TV at home? Perhaps you're still abroad and want to get things ready in advance?

Start set-up of mobile, internet or TV even before you arrive

You can start your telecoms set up process even before you arrive in Switzerland. This way, no time is wasted and you are connected on arrival.

Unique service by Hello Switzerland

We'll handle all the admin for you at no extra charge. You’ll benefit from service in English and ultra-fast response from our knowledgeable team.

Swisscom is Hello Switzerland's partner of choice for telecom, internet and TV.

Swisscom is Switzerland’s favorite telecom provider and best mobile network. 

Enjoy ultra-fast home internet, crystal-clear home phone lines, and the mobile network with the best coverage.

The best choice for TV

Swisscom has the most generous TV offer, with more than 300 channels in three dozen languages, 6000+ films on demand, Netflix, Teleclub, and much more. No other TV provider is as expat-friendly as Swisscom.

The simplest subscription plans

inOne packages are easy to understand, and if your needs change, you can modify your plan at any time.

Excellent customer service

Award-winning customer care, highly responsive technical support, and all documentation (services, contracts, invoices, etc.) in English, German, French and Italian.

Hello Switzerland is a a licensed Swisscom re-seller. We will connect you to Swisscom in the easiest and fastest way possible, at no extra charge.

Be smart and save time
With this service, there is no need to wait in line in a telecoms store - you have plenty of other things to take care of when you're newly arrived in Switzerland!

We also take care of any special needs that might arise due to your foreign citizenship and ID papers - issues that often slow customers down when they try to set up their telecoms in a regular high-street store.

How to proceed

  • Identify the best package for your needs by using the Swisscom configurator

  • Place your order with Hello Switzerland. You will receive confirmation within 1 day that your order and all the necessary admin are being taken care of by our team.

  • Hello Switzerland's activation service gives you a head start and reduces your waiting time. 

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