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This year SWICA was voted the Number 1 Health Insurer in Switzerland by its customers, based on surveys conducted by three leading consumer services and publications (comparis, K-Tipp and AmPuls). 

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SWICA is a top Swiss health insurer and this is why:

Low co-payments

SWICA is one of the very few health insurers applying co-payments from basic insurance to those from SWICA supplementary insurance. This means that your maximum annual co-payments will be much lower when compared to other health insurers.

The most generous contributions for health promotion and preventive healthcare

At SWICA, contributions towards health promotion and preventive healthcare (that means for exercise and well-being) are higher than any other health insurer.  You can also choose between a wide range of fitness centres and selected sports associations, courses and personal trainings.

Equal consideration of conventional & complementary medicine

You'll be happy to know SWICA supports alternative therapy methods and puts them on an equal footing with conventional ones.

Home Nanny & Home Attendant Services

SWICA also offers services like the Home Nanny (personal care for your child in the event of illness or accident) or Home Attendant (your home and pets are in good hands in case you need to go to hospital or stay at a spa). 

Outstanding customer satisfaction

In 2020, SWICA was voted by customers as the Number 1 Health Insurer in Switzerland, not by one, but several customer surveys conducted by leading consumer services and publications: comparis, K-Tipp and AmPuls

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