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Find out how to benefit from tax-free deals and enjoy all round impeccable service from the number one car service provider for expats in Switzerland.

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What you get when you import your car through Autociel

Save money and time thanks to Autociel’s expert knowledge on import practices

From import and customs duties, technical inspection, modifications to achieve approval for Swiss roads, you will know what you need to do and be able to control your expenses. 

Impeccable service

You will enjoy great, money saving advice from auto experts who specialize in the complexities of expat life.

All inclusive service

Autociel provides the following services: 

Calculate the full cost of importing your car before you start the process
Assess whether your car qualifies as a tax-free import
Arrange customs clearing for both taxable and tax-free imports
Arrange a reduced CO2 tax fee (if your car is less than six months old) through the CO2 exchange program.
Order all the necessary paperwork for the car
Arrange the mandatory car testing
Arrange registration at the Cantonal road vehicle authority
Key-in-hand delivery

Contact Autociel for your import


Find out more about Autociel

Autociel is Hello Switzerland's partner of choice for all matters related to the rental, purchase, lease, import and export of auto vehicles. 

Autociel was founded by Markus Häfeli in 2002 and have an excellent network in Switzerland, Germany and other European countries. You will enjoy great, money saving advice from auto experts who specialize in the complexities of expat life.

Import a car

They are experts in the complexities of international sourcing, importing, and tax-free deals (when the car is a moving good). You'll enjoy many advantages compared with regular Swiss car dealerships, service in English, great advice and unique deals.

Amazing car deals

Autociel helps expats find the best car at the best price. They can source many cars at prices lower than the Swiss norm thanks to their extensive European import network. If you need to rent a vehicle, they will provide one at half the price of most rental companies.

Personal Service

Newcomers to Switzerland can start the purchase process even while they are still abroad. Leavers can depend on Autociel taking over their car at a fair resale price or selling it for you.

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