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Learning your local Swiss language is the best gift you could give yourself while living in Switzerland. It will help you adjust better, feel more at ease and more at home. 

And Berlitz is the leading provider of language training throughout the world. With their highly immersive and original method, you'll gain the skills and confidence to start speaking a new language right away. Plus, enjoy this exclusive deal: 30% off with Berlitz Flex, the perfect mix between online self-study and live coaching from Berlitz' experienced instructors. 

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30% off with Berlitz Flex

'Learn the local Swiss language'

This is probably the best piece of advice you'll hear from foreigners who are already living in Switzerland. That's because learning the local language helps you adjust better and integrate faster. It also increases your chances to find a good job in Switzerland. 

You can get by in English in most parts of Switzerland, but if you want to stay in Switzerland for a longer time, do yourself a favour and learn the local language. 

The Berlitz Full Immersion Method

Not many language schools can claim to offer 'guaranteed results'. With the exception of Berlitz. Their proprietary full-immersion method focuses less on acquiring grammar skills out of context, (so there'll be no mindless repeating of phrases you have no use for in real life) and more on putting those grammar skills in daily-life context and developing your conversation skills. 

It's all about gaining the confidence to speak

If you're tired of language apps that don't work because they don't improve your conversation skills, then you're ready for Berlitz. 


Your benefits when you study with Berlitz:


Fast & efficient learning experience with guaranteed results

Thanks to the The Berlitz Method®, f​​ull immersion in your new language guarantees you achieve your language learning goals.

Learn from anywhere with the Virtual Classroom®

The Berlitz Virtual Classroom® is a live online language training platform. This means you can take your lessons from anywhere, all you need is to get online. Don't think of this as your regular Skype/Zoom session with screen-share. The Virtual Classroom® allows you to conduct interactive exercises during the session, and it's more like being in an actual classroom. 

Flexible learning

Learn online or face to face, in a group or by yourself, with an instructor or on your own – with Berlitz you'll find a wide range of flexible learning options to suit your style.

Personal consultation to accurately establish your level

Before you start, a Berlitz language expert will assess your language skills and your needs in order to assign you to the correct level. 

Pass your TELC/ FIDE certification with Berlitz

TELC/ FIDE certification is mandatory for non-Swiss nationals applying for residence permit (see below what the exceptions are*). With Berlitz you can prepare and schedule your TELC/ FIDE test with top efficiency.

How the Berlitz Virtual Classroom® works

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Find out more about Berlitz

Berlitz offers the fastest, most effective way to learn a new language - with the cultural understanding to get the most out of these new skills.

Berlitz is one of the leading providers of language training in the world. With more than 140 years of experience and more than 550 centers in over 70 countries, Berlitz sets the standard in language and intercultural training.

The Berlitz Method®, developed in 1878 and continuously improved since then, is one of the most successful methods when it comes to learning and understanding languages.

From individual to group classes, from face-to-face to cyber learning, Berlitz offers a wide range of flexible options catering to the needs of the busiest professionals, but also to those with more time to spare for effective language training. 

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*TELC/FIDE Certification exceptions: nationals from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Principality of Liechtenstein and Portugal do not need to prove their language skills and pass a TELC/ FIDE certification.