Interlaken, adventure capital of Europe Adrenaline rush and feel-good moments

Interlaken is far and wide known as the adventure capital of Europe and for good reason. Find out just how spectacular your ‘Winterlaken' holiday might be.

It's not unusual for a town to be on a river, lake or an ocean.

But for it to sit between two lakes may well be unique.

Interlaken - between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz - boasts this privileged position, sitting between two of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.


And there's more. Interlaken is also in the heart of the magnificent Jungfrau mountain region and offers clear views of the world-famous icy icons, the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau.

Any kind of winter activity you can dream of, you can undoubtedly do it in the region of Interlaken, which is why it fully deserves its recent 'Winterlaken' nickname.


Adrenaline rush in crisp winter air


Jump from a helicopter or a plane, then fall through the air for 40 seconds until your parachute opens - what a rush! 

If you're up for the challenge, see what Interlaken has to offer to adrenaline junkies in winter.

Skydiving, paragliding, heli-skiing: what would you to try first?


Action packed winter holidays

If you're into active, sporty holidays, then you'll be happy to know Interlaken has it all.

In addition to numerous classical winter activities like skiing, sledging by day and by night, snow-shoe hiking, ice-skating at the imperssive Top of Europe Ice Magic rink, you can also try something off-the-beaten path. 

Winter kayaking is a great way to explore the absolutely-drop-dead-gorgeous Lake Brienz. Don't worry about the cold: you can wear dry suits over comfortable clothing so you can stay warm in the chill winter air.

Find out here just exhilirating winter kayaking is.

if you're looking for a bit more speed, take a jetboat tour: you'll zoom across Lake Brienz at lightning speed. Mind the sharp turns, this will be great fun!

Our tip: Chill in a hotpot by the lake side and add a fondue as well! Check out Hotpot Brienz, it's divine!


Romantic, feel-good moments

Surprise your partner with a romantic trip to Lake Thun, they will love it! 

Spend the night at one of the award-winning spa hotels and succumb to some serious pampering.

Some of the region's saunas boast stunning views of the lake and snow-covered Bernese Alps that are sure to spark your wanderlust.

Stroll through Thun's Bonstetten Park or walk along the shoreline of glistening Lake Thun in Spiez and fall under the spell of winter's tranquillity.  

How about exploring the pristine white Alpine landscape on snowshoes? There are scenic snowshoe trails in the Diemtig Valley, Aeschi, Sigriswil and on Lombachalp. Listen to the snow crunch underfoot as you make your way through snowbound forests and meadows. Feel the cold mountain breeze and breathe in the pure, crisp winter air.

A winter cruise is the icing on the cake of any romantic excursion. The five beautiful castles facing the lake (Spiez, Hünegg, Oberhofen, Schadau and Thun) are absolutely impressive and each deserves a visit. .


Family fun

Take your kids on a trip to the mountains. Whether it's for their first time on skis or an exciting sledge ride – the Interlaken Holiday Region beckons with charming and family-friendly winter sports resorts.  

The unspoilt and romantic Diemtig Valley has three small ski areas and a sledge run. Hop on a chairlift with your nearest and dearest and let off steam on the perfectly prepared pistes.

Just around the corner, above Spiez, the Aeschi ski region ensures unforgettable fun for the whole family and is sure to wow you with the splendid views over deep-blue Lake Thun.

Overlooking Lake Thun, Mount Niederhorn offers awe-inspiring views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks.

Sledging at night is particularly spectacular: glide over the moonlit snow under starry skies before stopping off to enjoy a traditional cheese fondue with your family.


This is for skating fans

Right in the centre of Interlaken, the magical Top of Europe ICE MAGIC ice-skating experience awaits. Explore the winding ice runways, warm up again over a refreshing punch or even play a round of Bavarian curling.


And of course, chocolate

Maybe the weather isn't playing along and you are looking for a special, handcrafted souvenir? Learn all about Swiss chocolate at the Funky Chocolate Club and make your own mouth-watering chocolate memento to take home with you.


We wish you an amazing holiday, ‘Winterlaken' awaits!



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