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Our Swiss Relocation Helpline is a complimentary service available to everyone.

Our Helpline advisers provide expert advice for all your questions about relocation, housing, education, insurance, banking, tax & legal, settling in, and more.

As individual as your relocation

We help you to plan at any stage. We know what tasks lie ahead of you. You will truly benefit from our many years of experience in relocation.

This is the support you need to decide which relocation tasks you'll handle yourself (using our free relocation guides), and where you prefer to access professional support.

Together, we will find solutions that are completely individual to you.


Get in touch

You can call us on +41 58 356 17 77 (regular Swiss call rates apply), or contact us free using Skype. Alternatively, live-chat with us direct on this website.

Prefer to schedule a consultation? Fill out the form below and we will call you back.


Move to Switzerland in 15 easy steps

  • Step-By-Step guides let you relocate by yourself
  • Free support and guidance is available when you need it
  • In our Relocation Store you'll find quality providers for key needs

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Take control of your relocation

Free guidance and support lets you take control of your own relocation.

Order extra support easily if you need it.

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