"The Sound of Charlie Chaplin" 2020 Music Times at Chaplin's World

  • Date: 13.03.2020
  • End date: 28.06.2020
  • Location: Route de Fenil 2, 1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey
  • Contact: contact@chaplinsworld.com

Throughout 2020, Chaplin's World, the only museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, will celebrate the music of Charlie Chaplin, giving visitors a chance to experience a range of tributes to Chaplin the artist, composer, and musician. Starting in March, the temporary exhibition "The Sound of Charlie Chaplin" will be housed in the Manoir de Ban at Chaplin's World, where visitors will have an opportunity to rediscover Chaplin's fascinating musical and rhythmic work through rare archives, interactive installations and an immersive audiovisual experience with ambitious arrangements. Let the music move you! The access to "The Sound of Charlie Chaplin" is included in Chaplin's World's ticket.

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