150 Different Sports Camps for Children and Youths Fun and friendship at MS sports summer camps

At Sports Camps, children and young people can try out their favorite sports and make new friends. MS Sports has been organizing Sports Camps for children and youths for a decade.
At Sports Camps, children and young people can try out their favorite sports and make new friends. MS Sports has been organizing Sports Camps for children and youths for a decade.
The older we get, the less sports we do. That's why children should be introduced to sport early on. Whether they play, run, bounce, jump, cycle, ride horses, play tennis, dance or swim - the main thing is that they stay active. One path to regular sport is to join a sports club. 64% of Swiss children between 10 and 14 are members of a sports club. Among the most popular sports are football (32%) and swimming (22%). Dancing (7.6%), tennis (6%) and horse riding (5.3%) are found a little further down the list of the most popular sports for 10 to 14 year olds.
Getting started with sport through our camps
I can confirm that football is one of childrens' favourite sports. For ten years now I have been organizing Sport Camps with children. Soccer laid the foundation for my company, which in 2016 celebrates its 10th anniversary and now runs 150 Sports Camps for 7,500 children and adolescents across all of Switzerland. Besides football, MS Sports also runs riding, dance and tennis camps.
In a recent independent survey among participating children and their parents, most parents said that an active lifestyle and good health were the reasons for signing up for the sports camp. All 36 parents surveyed were convinced by our concept, regardless for which sport. Many had already registered their child for the second time. For the parents it was especially important that their children were being active outside in the fresh air, and were doing something healthy, having fun with other children, and getting to know or further developing their alternatives to playing video games. Everyone was pleased with their childrens' enthusiastic response.
Survey of children
The results of the 64 children surveyed at various camps illustrate clearly that sport is mainly about fun and friendship. In football they said that in particular they learned to get a feel for the ball, as well a range of tricks. Moreover, they very much enjoyed playing in a team with other children. When riding, the children felt that they built a relationship with the horses. They learned care, riding and patience. They welcomed the fact that there were so many different horses on the farm.
At dancing, music, movement, and the chance to simply switch off for a moment were especially appreciated. Dancing was seen as a sport that teaches you rhythm and makes you happy. The children interviewed saw tennis as a good and versatile sport. In addition to technique, they learned how to improve their mobility, balance and self-motivation. The survey shows that through the enjoyment children get from a particular kind of sport, they do a lot for their health and learn how to get regular exercise.
About MS Sports
MS Sports organizes 150 camps all over Switzerland for football, tennis, dancing and riding every year, supported by 220 employees. Around 7,500 children and youths between 6 and 15 years old take part. Whether very sporty or just a little, everyone finds a group that suits them. From 2016, MS Sports Ltd. offers both Performance Camps and Fun Camps so that parents and children can choose. Whatever sport they choose – the children are active, do something for their health, have fun, make new friends, and are accompanied by responsible coaches who are both knowledgeable and humorous.
MS Sports Camps offers the camps for very low prices. A five-day football camp, including food and equipment, clothing, lunch, and lunch-break program costs just CHF 235. This is made possible thanks to our sponsors. For socially disadvantaged children, five foundations cover up to 80% of the fee.
The annual program 2016 and registration can be found online at www.mssports.ch.
Translation by Hello Switzerland AG/Mike Tomsett, 3 May 2016
Author: Mario Sager

Mario Sager (30) began to play football at five. At 17 he had his first game as a professional at FC Lucerne. Due to serious injuries he had to step back, and began training children. He organized camps, which became successful. In 2016 Mario is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company, despite being just 30 years old.

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