5 rules for cleaning rental properties in Switzerland Are you moving house in Switzerland?

Whether you live in a studio apartment in the middle of Basel or a 10 room villa with an alpine view – Switzerland has a set of rules that you have to follow, as anxious as they may make you. Here are our top tips were when moving out of a rental apartment in Switzerland.

1. Giving notice to your landlord in Switzerland: Follow the required time frames

Typically, you need to give a notice to your landlord in a timely manner. If you are initiating the notice, most of the time you will need to find a replacement tenant (subject to the landlord's approval) or you will be responsible for paying the rent until the notice period expires. Hello Switzerland can help you find a replacement tenant.

Hello Switzerland is pleased to offer professional real estate support and assistance. We can connect you with experts who can help you and ensure that you understand your obligations, the law and take the stress out of moving from your rental property, anywhere in Switzerland! Call us at +41 58 356 17 77 or send us a chat in the chatbox below.

Please note: a rental agreement must be terminated with a letter sent by registered mail (Einschreiben (German) / courrier recommandé (French) / lettera raccomandata (Italian) and must be signed by all the tenants listed on the lease agreement.

2. Think about repairs for your apartment in Switzerland: defining same condition

Before you can successfully handover your apartment, you need to think about any repairs. It's your responsibility to ensure that the property is in the "same condition" as when you first stepped into it. This means cover nail holes from your awesome gallery wall, floor scratches from assembling IKEA furniture or scuff marks on the wall from that awesome birthday party.

Side note: Your landlord should consider "fair wear and tear" before charging you for repairs, replacements or other damages. This is where a professional real estate expert can come in handy, and save you from surprise bills.

3. Hiring professional movers in Switzerland (or move on your own)

In case of an international move – you will need to hire professional movers. Hello Switzerland is partners with Packimpex, who are happy to tailor a moving quote for you from door to door. Ensure peace of mind with professional movers, proper insurance and quality work.

4. Deep cleaning your Swiss apartment: Endreinigung, nettoyage final, la pulizia finale

If you've ever tried to clean your apartment on your own, you know the word Endreinigung (German), nettoyage final (French), la pulizia finale (Italian) – and those words probably induces a cold sweat of anxiety. If you're planning to  follow this rule of thumb: expect to spend at least 3 hours cleaning per room – once you've moved out all your items.

If you're looking to hire external work for this deep cleaning – make sure you get at least three quotes, as the quality of cleaning companies can vary. You should look for one with a "fixed price guarantee" upon successful handover to the landlord. You also need to make sure you cancel all your utilities! Hello Switzerland can also support you with both hiring a cleaning company and canceling your utilities.

What you must do to move out of your apartment in Switzerland

  • Check that all taps have been decalcified
  • Check the glass on your oven door
  • Make sure all nail holes have been filled in
  • If you have carpet, make sure it's been shampooed

5. Prepare for the exit inspection of your rental property

Once all of your property has been removed, the landlord will arrive to inspect the property and thoroughly walk through the property to make sure that everything is clean and undamaged.

Once complete, you should sign the final report, but only if you agree to the details! If you don't speak the local language – and the inspector doesn't speak your language – this would be the time to hire an expert, and avoid nasty surprise bills!

Hello Switzerland partners with professional real estate experts who can help you and ensure that you understand your obligations, the law and take the stress out of moving from your rental property, anywhere in Switzerland.

Author: Hello Switzerland Relocation Services

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