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A guide to Swisscom TV 2.0

Using cutting-edge technology, Swisscom TV 2.0 is a complete entertainment system. It bases on a smart box that connects to your TV and transmits at ultra high definition (UHD) picture quality. No satellite dish, no old-fashioned cable TV, just pure advanced home entertainment technology.

You are no longer tied to the fixed times of the TV schedule. As an additional benefit, Swisscom TV 2.0 subscribers can access TV 2.0 on a computer via the web, or on mobile devices using the excellent mobile app.

Swisscom offers unrivalled cultural diversity

With Swisscom TV, we enjoy the best programmes from around the world. More than 300 channels, in over 36 languages, offer unbeatable cultural diversity. Enjoy more than 140 channels in crystal-clear HD quality.

Ideal for business travellers

7-day Replay lets you easily watch shows that have already aired. With up to 2,400 hours of recording, you are no longer tied to the TV schedule.

Combined with the excellent Swisscom TV smartphone app and the Swisscom TV Air website, here in Switzerland we are re-discovering TV. We access both live TV and our recordings from wherever we are, and manage our recording schedule while on the go. The dream of TV On Demand has finally arrived.

All the entertainment you require in a box

The Swisscom TV box boasts over 300 radio stations, allows screen casting from mobile devices, and offers TV apps like YouTube, Facebook, a web browser, or Netflix. There is even a version that works as a household media hub. There's no need to buy another box!

Perfect for binge watching: Netflix and Teleclub

Some of the world's most entertaining TV series are on Netflix, while Switzerland's famous Teleclub service offers movies, family shows, global sports and other entertainment.

Netflix on Swisscom

Discover award-winning Netflix Originals, movies and documentaries in UHD in the comfort of your own home with Swisscom TV. With no additional hardware or installation required, simply open the Netflix app at the touch of a button. You can pay your Netflix subscription securely and without a credit card through your Swisscom bill.

Teleclub: perfect for families, sports fans, movies

Teleclub offers a wide range of packages, available right on your Swisscom TV box. Whether you're a film fan, sports fanatic or simply an entertainment guru, you never need to miss a moment of your favourite programmes.

System in English, state-of-the-art remote control

Swisscom TV 2.0 can be used in English, French, Italian or German. The remote control is state-of-the-art: There is no need to point it at the box, and uniquely, it offers excellent voice control for English, French, Italian, German and even Swiss-German dialects!

Getting Swisscom TV 2.0

Swisscom TV is available at Swisscom Stores across the country, and on the Swisscom website. Also, Hello Switzerland readers can access the Swiss Relocation Helpline - you‘ll enjoy fast service and free consultation in multiple languages on all Swisscom products.

We love Swisscom TV

"I love the interface on Swisscom. The box comes with a ton of cool functions. You can open apps like YouTube directly on the box!"
– Andy, IT Manager, Berne

"I travel a lot for business, and the Swisscom TV app is really good for me. I watch my news and favourite programmes on the train. Don't tell my boss!"
– Michael, Executive Manager, Zurich

"I love that I can watch CNN, or a US series on Swiss TV using the dual tone option, and then can switch to Netflix in just a few seconds."
– Nichole, Communications Associate, Burgdorf

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