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One of the factors involved in moving your residence to Switzerland is the relocation of your finances. Decisions regarding your financial investments in particular ought to be carefully considered. Credit Suisse explains why, today, personalized investment advisory services tailored to your needs are more important than ever.

Your personal situation and your needs may change over time. It is advisable to structure your assets so that flexible and proactive action can be taken in response to the changes in the circumstances of your life. For instance, instead of leaving all your liquid assets in a savings account, placing a certain amount of them in investments that promise higher returns may be worthwhile in the current low-interest environment. However, the investment universe is vast and difficult to assess in its entirety. Even though the latest financial information is available through numerous channels, it remains highly challenging to interpret its complexity and apply it to your own circumstances. Personalized investment advisory services from a financial services provider with global expertise can help you define an investment strategy that caters to your needs.


Your goals, your needs, and your personal situation are the starting point for any investment advisory service. When selecting a suitable advisory model, you want to know the precise services you will receive for a certain price. In order to meet your demands for needs-based, transparent advice, Credit Suisse has developed an innovative advisory model: Credit Suisse Invest. It enables you, the client, to know exactly what advisory services you can expect from us – at an attractive price.


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You can choose from our four investment solutions: Credit Suisse Invest Mandate, Expert, Partner, or Compact. The level of advice and interaction you desire is what determines which solution is the right one for you: How actively would you like to be notified of investment ideas, and what degree of portfolio monitoring would you like? Depending on the investment solution, you also have the option of consulting another Credit Suisse investment expert in addition to your personal client advisor, being notified of established investment ideas and receiving information on your portfolio's quality, for instance. This allows you to immediately react to risks and take advantage of investment opportunities. We use regular reports – available both in hard copy and through Online Banking – to keep you up to date on your portfolio's progress.


In order to progressively find the investment solution that is optimal for you, Credit Suisse's investment advisory service involves you from the very start. Whichever investment solution you choose, you will be ideally equipped for your new life in Switzerland thanks to the proficient and personalized advice from Credit Suisse.



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