Accounts for children and young people For a future free of worries

Financial independence and security is worthwhile, even for young people. Learn about our wide product range for children and young people and lay the foundation for your child's bright future.

Pocket money for movies, concerts, comics, toys and sweets; saving for a car, trip or smartphone – when it comes to money, children and young people admittedly have somewhat different needs and ideas than adults.

However, the topic becomes relevant at a young age. Credit Suisse takes these needs seriously and offers you a number of options to support your child in financial matters.

Gift Savings Account – For a secure future

Secure your child's, grandchild's or godchild's future with the Gift Savings Account. As the account holder, you determine the deposit amounts and thus the value of the gift itself. The child receiving the gift will also benefit from a preferential interest rate on all deposits, up to an interest limit of CHF 50,000.

You will also receive free account management and a personal gift certificate for the savings account.

You can supplement the Gift Savings Account with a Gift investment fund savings plan, thus benefiting from the advantages of saving with securities and easily building additional wealth.

Learn more about the Gift Savings Account.

Savings Account for Young People – For fulfilling their first dreams

The Savings Account for Young People is the first account of a child or young person; it provides the necessary seed capital for fulfilling first dreams, such as a driver's licence or a trip after graduation.

After all, there comes a time when dreams get bigger and more expensive. To ensure that these dreams do not become reality earlier than you as a parent want them to, you as the legal guardian decide when the child can access the savings account.

Open a Savings Account for Young People directly online or by telephone.

Viva – Free Banking Packages for Young People and Students

If you care about your child's financial future; we have the right solution for it: Viva Banking Packages for young people and students. It's never too early to learn how to manage money.

The comprehensive banking services in the Viva packages include:

  • Private and savings accounts with attractive interest rates
  • Debit Mastercard for flexible cashless payments
  • Free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland

 For even more freedom, Viva Onlineshop offers many extras:

  • Viva Movie Days: Save money on any day by going to a movie together – pay only CHF 13 per person (3D movies CHF 15; 3D glasses not included), including popcorn (small size) and soft drink (5 dl PET bottle).
  • Offers and Contests: You can also enjoy discounted or free tickets to exciting sporting, music or cultural events. With a bit of luck, you could also win exclusive contest prizes.

For students, apprentices and young professionals between the ages of 12 and 23, Viva Young is the ideal solution. Students between the ages of 18 and 30 benefit from Viva Student.


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