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Switzerland is renowned for its high quality education system, which is well-suited for full and part-time study. Training institutions are subject to rigorous qualification standards that guarantee high quality and appropriate training. Several organisations can help with information and advice.

Adult education in Fribourg

Fribourg is a bilingual university town with a large foreign population. German and French language courses are widely available. The University of Fribourg offers courses in various languages.

University study in Fribourg

CRUS created a very useful and comprehensive list of all degree programmes in Switzerland that are offered in English.

Fribourg University is the world's only bilingual French-German university. It hosts many international students and staff and is proud of its multiculturalism. A number of graduate study programmes are also offered in English. The Fribourg School of Engineering and Architecture belongs to a group of regional higher education establishments known as the Universities of Applied Science. These Universities offer technical and management courses. L'école de multimedia et d'art de Fribourg specialises in new media communication, images and technics.

The Bologna Reform is a system to recognise foreign qualifications. It was created to facilitate mobility in the tertiary education sector. Switzerland was amongst the first countries to sign and implement this declaration. 

Many universities offer flexible study options for mature students, with evening and Saturday classes allowing for work and family commitments. Post-graduate degree courses can be taken when certain requirements are met, such as a recognised tertiary education or work experience.

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Professional training in Fribourg

The Swiss further education system follows two tracks that lead either to vocational training or to apprenticeship. Orientation (DE/FR/IT) and the governmental department sopfa/bea (DE/FR) provide support and advice on professional and educational training, as well as validation of previous professional experience. The Centre of Inter-Professional Development (DE/FR) and the Formation Continue (FR) provide information on adult training and continuing education in Fribourg. Eikon EMF trains multimedia professionals. The Fribourg School of General Studies (DE/FR) offers further studies in health, social and educational domains.

Language and other part-time courses in Fribourg

Whether you want to learn a language, a new hobby, or professional skills, there are special interest courses that match your needs. Look into online courses for flexibility. The Université Populaire or Volkshochschule (DE/FR) and Migros Club School are popular choices for part-time language study and other courses. For more information about learning languages, read the article Language courses in Fribourg.

Author: Virginie Schumacher

I grew up in France, in Paris. Just after I got my diploma from the hospitality school, I moved to the US (Minneapolis) for 2 years. Then I arrived in Switzerland in 2000 and had the great pleasure to work in beautiful palaces on the French Riviera for almost 10 years. I now live in the canton of Fribourg with my family. I am working with Packimpex as a relocation consultant. If I am not on the road with my clients, you may find me in the forest or in the countryside running. I also have the chance to meet my friends for a drink either at the café des Arcades (by the Fribourg's Cathedral) or at the café Populaire (nearby the university). Now that I've been living in Switzerland for almost 15 years, I learned how to enjoy life!

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