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Switzerland is renowned for its high quality education system, which is well-suited for full and part-time study. Training institutions are subject to rigorous qualification standards that guarantee high quality and appropriate training. Several organisations can help with information and advice.

Education & training in Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen's main economic sectors are tourism, agriculture, the food industry, and plastics. The official language in Schaffhausen is German and most classes are taught in German. However, language courses are widely available. 


Universities in Schaffhausen 

CRUS created a very useful and comprehensive list of all degree programmes in Switzerland that are offered in English. 

The Bologna Reform is a system to recognise foreign qualifications. It was created to facilitate mobility in the tertiary education sector. Switzerland was amongst the first countries to sign and implement this declaration. 

Many universities offer flexible study options for mature students, with evening and Saturday classes allowing for work and family commitments. Post-graduate degree courses can be taken when requirements such as a recognised tertiary education, work experience and permission to study in Switzerland are met. 

Schaffhausen has a teacher training college (DE), a business school (DE), a commercial school (DE) and a vocational training centre (DE). The closest university is the University of Zurich. Some graduate programmes at the university are offered in English.

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Language, special interest & part-time courses in Schaffhausen

Whether you want to learn a language, a new hobby, or professional skills, there are part-time courses and online courses to match your needs. The Kaufmännischer Verband Schaffhausen (DE) is an organisation dedicated to all aspects of education and personal development and offers a range of courses and seminars. Other language schools in Schaffhausen include Sprachschule Altstadt (DE), JE & I Sprachschule (DE), Sprachschule Claudia Koch, Sprachschule Passage and Flying Teachers. Klubschule Migros offers classes on a wide range of topics, including language. Integres (DE) is the regional integration coordination centre and a good source of information about language courses. LesenSchreiben (DE) promotes reading and writing in German for speakers of other languages. 

Professional training in Schaffhausen

The Swiss further education system follows several tracks, leading to academic study, vocational training or an apprenticeship. Berufsberatung (DE/FR/IT) is the national department responsible for information and support on professional and educational training. The BIZ Schaffhausen (DE) career information centre is a regional subsidiary offering counselling and guidance on career choices. Go tec (DE) is a special project to make technical jobs more interesting to students. 

Previous professional experience can be validated through Berufsberatung (DE/FR/IT). More information on training, apprenticeships (DE) and careers is available from the government education department (DE). 

Author: André Hirschi

André works at Switzerland’s leading relocation group Packimpex, where he is Head of Relocation Services for German-speaking Switzerland. André grew up in Bern, Switzerland. In addition to his broad experience in relocation, he initially trained as a Chef, worked 13 years as a hospitality industry professional, and was Events Manager at Bern’s leading event location. André has done a lot of traveling, and he enjoys playing squash, tennis and sports in general, as well as meeting new people.

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