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Switzerland is renowned for its high quality education system, which is well-suited for full and part-time study. Training institutions are subject to rigorous qualification standards that guarantee high quality training. Several organisations can help with information and advice.

Education & training in Solothurn

Solothurn is a town of 16,000 inhabitants with a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Several international companies have their headquarters here and the local economy is dominated by the medical, precision and mechanical engineering industries, as well as telecommunications and logistics. 

University study in Solothurn

CRUS created a very useful and comprehensive list of all degree programmes in Switzerland that are offered in English. 

The Canton of Solothurn does not have its own university but students can study at the various campuses of the University of Applied Science of North-Western Switzerland. They offer bachelor and master courses in many disciplines, including architecture, construction and geometrics, art and design, life sciences, music and more. The Höhere Fachschule für Technik (DE/FR) is another educational institution, offering technical training. 

The Bologna Reform is a system to recognise foreign qualifications. It was created to facilitate mobility in the tertiary education sector. Switzerland was amongst the first countries to sign and implement this declaration. 

Many universities offer flexible study options for mature students, with evening and Saturday classes allowing for work and family commitments. Post-graduate degree courses can be taken when requirements such as a recognised tertiary education, work experience and permission to study in Switzerland are met.

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Language & other part-time courses in Solothurn

The official language in Solothurn is German. Whether you want to learn a language, a new hobby, or professional skills, there are part-time courses that match your needs. Consider online courses if you want flexibility. 

Volkshochschule Solothurn (DE) and Migros Club School are popular for a wide range of part-time courses, although most are taught in German. Integration Solothurn (DE) provides information on language courses for newcomers and organises events to promote integration. The Granges-Melanges (DE) club offers numerous activities for people wishing to meet new people and to learn German. Feusi Bildungszentrum (DE) also offers a range of courses for children and adults.

Professional training in Solothurn

The Swiss further education system follows several tracks, leading to academic study, vocational training or an apprenticeship. Berufsberatung (DE/FR/IT) is the national department responsible for information and support on professional and educational training. The BIZ Schaffhausen (DE) career information centre is a regional subsidiary offering counselling and guidance on career choices. 

Previous professional experience can be validated through Berufsberatung (DE/FR/IT). More information on training, apprenticeships (DE) and careers is available from the government education department (DE). The Solothurn cantonal Education Department (DE) has further information on vocational training.

Native English speakers might also be interested in checking out the events organised by the English Teachers Association of Switzerland

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