Autumn in Switzerland Top 5 things to see and do this autumn

Issue: 3/2017
Whether you call it autumn or fall, the months leading up to winter are a magical time to explore.

1. Avoid the Swiss fog

You might be surrounded by fog, but you can easily find out where the sun is waiting for you at This portal leads you to a multitude of webcams that will show you exactly where the fog stops and the blue, sunny skies begin.
Head above the clouds on Lucerne's Mount Rigi and look down on the "nebelmeer" (ocean of fog) and 360 degree views.


Above the fog on Mount Rigi

2. Autumn hiking

It's now the perfect time of year to strap on your hiking boots. Get outside, enjoy the crisp autumn air, and keep up your fitness for the winter sport season ahead.
My personal favourite is the hike around the Engelstock in Hochstuckli, Schwyz. Moms:Tots:Zurich is also a fantastic resource.


Spectacular views are guaranteed when hiking in Switzerland

3. Visit pumpkin farms

Pumpkin farms are popping up everywhere and serve as a great backdrop for the autumn season. Some farms have gone beyond just selling pumpkins and offer a whole day experience.
Visit Jucker Farm by Uster, Zurich for pumpkin displays, restaurants and playgrounds.


Make pumpkins a whole day experience at a Swiss pumpkin farm

4. Castles in stunning locations

Although not famous for royalty, Switzerland has its fair share of castles to explore during the cooler months that are set in stunning locations.
Visit Schloss Lenzburg not just for the history, but its striking setting amongst the autumn leaves.


On this photo you can see Chillon Castle, which is located on the shores of Lake Geneva

Photo credits: © Switzerland Tourism/Ivo Scholz

5. Chestnuts in Ticino

Collect these smooth nuts hidden in spiky casings and bring them home to roast on an open fire. The forests of Ticino are full of chestnuts just waiting to be picked. 


Invite autumn into your home in the form of delicious, creamy chestnuts

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