Best way to sell your house when leaving Switzerland Valuable advice from real estate agent Kristina Covino, Immo77

There are many things to consider when selling your property, especially when you are planning to leave the country fast and time is limited. Find out some precious tips from expert real estate agent Kristina Covino, owner of Immo77.
Good organization, professional advice and reliable partners are crucial.
Different laws, rules and taxes apply from one Swiss canton to another.
Employing a real estate agent who takes care of the whole process is usually a wise move.

Start with property valuation

If you are planning to leave the country, you should allow some time for the preparation and sales strategy.

It all starts with correctly setting the price of your property. This is the most important factor, and this is where it all begins.


Estimate your property value  

Most homeowners find it difficult to make a realistic estimate of the market value of their property.

Setting the price too high will slow the selling process down, while setting it too low means losing money.

If you want to handle the sale on your own, check the market and compare properties on various online portals. This will help you value your property realistically.

The smarter option is to use a real estate agent. They will be able to estimate correctly the right selling price of your property.


What costs must I expect when selling a property?

Like everywhere, selling property in Switzerland entails certain costs.

Depending on the canton there are several taxes to be paid such as the capital gains tax or the transfer ownership tax in Basel for example.

In addition, there could be fees (penalty) that apply when ending your mortgage too soon.

Other costs that apply are:

  • Advertisements
  • Notary costs for the purchase contract
  • Costs for the land registry and the real estate agent commission (between 2-3% of the selling price, excluding VAT).

Be sure to check with your real estate agent whether there are any other costs in addition to the commission (such as those for advertisements, etc.).


Let a real estate agent handle it for you

Having a real estate agent support you in this process is a wise move and will save you time and money.

An agent will negotiate in your best interests which can save you money when it comes to having the buyer take over your mortgage when penalties apply, for example.

The agent will also act neutrally because potential buyers are looking for a place that meets their own needs, so it is important to be understanding and show empathy towards the buyer and trigger the right emotions.


This is what you can expect when selling your property through Immo77

First, we will arrange an appointment to view the property to be sold.

There we will have a short walk through, check documents, collect all required information and contact you after a couple of days with an evaluation and feedback regarding the best selling price.

Upon your acceptance and confirmation, we will discuss the timeline and sales strategy, organize a photoshoot of the property (including drone pictures if appropriate), prepare the sales documentation and enter the market.

Immo77 takes care of the entire selling process including the meetings with the notary, property handover and all administration and coordination which is needed. Advertisements are all included in our commission.

We would be more than happy to support you in selling your property in Basel and surroundings and are looking forward to meeting you.

Author: Kristina Covino, Immo77

Immo77 was founded in 2003 by Kristina Covino. Kristina grew up in Basel and is fluent in English, German, Italian, French and Serbian. She is certified in Real Estate Valuation (CAS) and has over 18 years of experience in real estate.

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