Between balcony and living room Inspirational interior design for spring

Enjoy a lazy spring! Here are some tips for those warm but still a bit chilly days on which you really want to be outside.

Balcony living in Switzerland

It is still a bit chilly, but the first rays of the sun have pushed through. It is still far too early to spend a lot of time on the balcony, but we can begin to furnish our outdoor area in a way that lets us return quickly to our cosy, warm lounge.

Creating an oasis in your living room

If you're less daring, you can create a small balcony oasis inside your living room. It's actually quite easy.

We are ready for spring! We know how to chill with style. Like on the comfortable lounge chair made of rattan, covered by a sheepskin that isn't just pretty to look at, but also keeps us nice and warm. Grab a book, snuggle up in a luxury throw, and your indoor feel-good oasis with balcony flair is perfect!


We can't forget pretty cushions and soft throws! Use them on a small foot stool or spread them out on the floor, and the hours will go by like minutes. In additional to a rich range of textiles, try placing candles, lanterns, and stylish accessories on the floor and on the side table.

For fresh spring air


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