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Whether you need a lease or a personal loan, works with a reliable partner to offer the best financing method for you. Our experts will advise you on the solution that fits you best. Buying or leasing a car as an expat in Switzerland has never been as easy as with us!

How does leasing work in Switzerland?

You can lease a car for a period of 12 to 60 months. But remember if you breach the lease you'll pay a penalty varying from contract to contract (usually CHF 3,000-5,000). If you're unsure whether you're staying for 2 or 3 years, take out a 2-year lease as you can extend it for another 12 months. If you lease a car as an individual, the only option is financial leasing. All-inclusive leasing (with insurance, road tax, service and repairs, winter and summer tyres) is only available for companies.

I'm an expat in Switzerland. Can I get car leasing before I receive my  Swiss residence permit? makes it possible! All you need is an employment contract and we can provide you with a leasing contract. Send us a copy of your residential permit as soon as it's issued. We can deliver the car even before we receive a copy of your B-permit. In the table below you can see some of the cars available within 3 weeks as nearly new or new. All the examples show the monthly amount payable for a 3-year leasing at 20,000km / year and without any down-payment.

What are the options at the end of leasing?

Either return the car to when you leave Switzerland, or extend the lease, or buy the car out of the lease if you wish to do so.

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Let the experts handle it for you

Markus Häfeli founded Autociel in 2002.

Markus and his team of auto experts is here to advise you on all matters related to renting, leasing, purchasing or selling cars.


Small cars (ideal for commuting)

Volkswagen Polo 1.2TSI 105hp, automatic 4-door

Mazda 2 1.5i 102hp, automatic 4-door


CHF 391

CHF 354

Family cars

BMW 3 series Touring 320i 184hp, automatic

Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI, 177hp, automatic


CHF 897

CHF 1042

Family cars 7 seats

VW Touran 1.4 TSI 140hp, automatic, 7 seats

Nissan Qashqai 2.0dCi 4x4 150hp, automatic, 7 seats

VW Sharan, 2.0 TDI 140hp, automatic, 7 seats


CHF 667

CHF 688

CHF 875


XC90 D5 4x4, 200hp, automatic, 7 seats

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI 4x4, 245hp, automatic, 7 seats


CHF 1174

CHF 1667

Car for 2 or a small family, 4x4

Audi A5 Coupé 4x4, 211hp, automatic

Mini Countryman S 184hp 4x4, automatic 4-door


CHF 1217

CHF 790


The additional cost for insurance, road tax, repairs, services and tyres vary, but on average amount to CHF 200-350 per month.

Author: Markus Häfeli

Markus is an entrepreneur and owns two companies that specialise in catering to the needs of expats in Switzerland. Autociel ( caters to the car needs of expats in Switzerland and includes rental, leasing and sale of quality cars. Markus has worked with expats for over 17 years. He enjoys contact with people from around the world and takes an avid interest in cars, health and fitness. He enjoys spending time with his son.

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