Child Care in Ticino Child care options in your area

Child care services in Switzerland are in great demand. Both public and private facilities are available. To find the ideal solution, look at all alternatives and apply as early as possible.

Child care services in Switzerland

Child care services in Switzerland are generally in great demand. Day centres are managed and funded by communes within each canton, and admit children living within the local area. Fees are based on a sliding scale according to income. Private child care services with fixed fees are also available. Public centres may be cheaper than private centres, but waiting lists are often longer.  

Child care in Ticino

  • Tandem Ticino offers holiday activities for schoolchildren.
  • Consult the directory for more child care services in Ticino.
  • Private schools offer instruction in English. Read more in the article on private and international schools, and consult the directory.
Author: Marita Fuhrer

Marita Fuhrer is Australian with Swiss heritage. Marita relocated from Melbourne to Bern and became Marketing Manager at Packimpex. Leaving behind a colourful work history including PR & event management, adult education and teaching piano – she now enjoys working closely with Packimpex’s vibrant international community. Marita loves Bern, its people, and its uniqueness.

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