CyberTeachers, The online language platform Learn and work on your languages whenever you want to

CyberTeachers is an award winning, innovative and user-friendly interactive online learning platform by Berlitz.

Interactive online language learning around the clock

CyberTeachers is the unique online platform that provides a personalized training program around the clock, covering your specific interests and preferred topics with a wide range of interactive tasks, speech training, memory exercises, and much more.


Valuable language assistance in your daily work

With this e-learning platform, you get unique support in your day-to-day work. For example, language assistants are available for presentations and e-mails. They also provide text modules that enable you to produce documents quickly and easily.

Boost your language skills

Roxana Schwikert and her team of professional language instructors at Berlitz are here to assist you in finding the most effective language training for your needs.

7 e-learning key benefits at a glance

  • Online language audit (language skills assessment, needs analysis, and selection of professional area)
  • Individual learning material for 218 professional areas in 20 industries
  • More than 800 lesson units to facilitate quick proficiency in a foreign language
  • Motivational exercises for quick success
  • Valuable assistance in your daily work
  • Detailed reports that document learning progress
  • SOS Teacher feature: instructors help out if you have a question and correct texts

Get access to your CyberTeacher through Berlitz

Simply select the Classic or Live version and purchase a flexible CyberTeachers license for three, six, or twelve months. CyberTeachers are available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch.

Author: Rebecca Morton

Rebecca Morton is Key Account Manager at Berlitz Language Schools, Switzerland. Berlitz consults expats and their families individually to find the right language learning solution, whether in one of our many Berlitz schools, in the work place or virtually via one of our eLearning programmes, enabling the whole family to work and thrive in Switzerland.

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