Deciding to work in Switzerland Relocating for a new job

Hire C2You! for the help you require, start off with the essentials of working in Switzerland, and prepare for the local job market.

Making a ‘go or no-go' decision is hardly simple. Carefully considered, it is a series of questions with a variety of answers.

Relocating for a new job works best when it's deliberate and at the right moment.

Prepare for the local job market: educational gaps, permit requirements, diploma recognition - all of those are important and require time.


Try the job search yourself or hire specialist help to find work?

The support of a career and global mobility specialist will help you to focus in the right direction. Investing in yourself and expanding your personal skills is one of the joys of becoming an expatriate.

If you are planning to relocate for a new job, don't ask yourself ‘go or no-go?' Instead consider under what conditions would you wish to go.

C2You! is your local job market specialist with a proven success rate, get in touch!

Do you require assistance? Or just interested in getting to know C2You? Contact them for a free intake consultation, call +41 21 641 11 90 or send them an email.

Author: Mirella De Boer

Mirella de Boer is an ERC Worldwide certified Global Mobility Specialist, Director of C2You! providing expert mobility services with relevant knowledge of Recruitment and Selection, Candidates Readiness Assessment, Destination Services, Global Assignment Preparation Training, Language & Culture programs, Partner Career Support, Global Leadership coaching and development and Repatriation Programs.

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