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Starting life in a new environment is daunting in many ways. It means getting to grips with entirely new situations and challenges on both the professional and private level. Helvetia provides helpful guidance here.

For the Henderson family, moving to Switzerland was relatively problem-free. The family received support from the new company in their search for a suitable home and a school. Their new colleagues and neighbours provided useful, practical tips. The Hendersons felt welcome and at ease from day one.

The insurance advisor provided good support with regard to the necessary insurance ... but initially the family only wanted to conclude the insurance policies required by law. The advisor left additional information on other suitable insurance and agreed to contact them again after a certain period of time. A few days after the advisor's visit, Ms Henderson noticed the brochures again. She began to leaf through them and saw the section on legal protection insurance. She was immediately reminded of the incident a few days earlier, when another vehicle cut in front of her at a junction. What would have happened if there had been an accident? And ... had she really had the right of way or was it perhaps the other driver who did? 

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Daniel Ahmeti and his team of professional insurance advisers at Helvetia are here to offer comprehensive insurance advice tailored to the needs of international people living in Switzerland.

Support in legal disputes: Personal and motor legal protection

Laws vary from country to country. What may be correct in the UK or Germany is not necessarily the case in Switzerland. It is impossible for laypersons to have an overview of the legal possibilities. When something happens, it is therefore important to be able to rely on a professional partner who will represent your interests and defend your legal position. A combination of personal and motor legal protection makes sense.

Legal protection insurance doesn't just represent you in court but also offers the option of obtaining legal advice where experts inform you of the next steps and assess whether it makes sense to take the matter to court.

The Henderson family will receive more information about the advantages of legal protection insurance from their advisor who will help them to find the right solution for their personal situation.

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Helvetia offers an extensive product range for immigrants and covers all insurance requirements. You can rely on our in-depth expertise and personal service in any situation and for a wide variety of topics. Visit our website for more information and to get in touch with one of our advisers.

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