Digital innovations Three useful innovations to the market

Our lives are becoming more and more digital. Tools, programs, and other smart bundles of information are making our everyday lives increasingly simple. Just this year, Credit Suisse (CS) introduced three useful innovations to the market: Credit Suisse Micro-Donations, Cardless Cash, and MyIBAN.

Donate with Every Purchase

Do a good deed every time you use your credit card or Debit Mastercard. You can use the innovative service of Credit Suisse Micro-Donations to donate tiny amounts with each payment you make.

The Credit Suisse Micro-Donations concept relies on the simple principle of rounding up. When you pay with your credit card or Debit Mastercard, the purchase amount is automatically rounded up to the next franc, or to the next multiple of five or ten francs. So, if someone uses their card to make a purchase of CHF 83.30, this person automatically donates CHF 0.70, 1.70, or 6.70, depending on the level of rounding selected in advance.

Credit Suisse Micro-Donations can also be used to donate the interest income from savings accounts. Clients pre-select the type of donation and the amount rounded through Online Banking. They can also select one of ten charity organizations there and specify a monthly maximum amount. Credit Suisse clients thus do something good with every purchase, and many of their small donations add up to something really great.


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Cash Withdrawals Using Your Smartphone

Cardless Cash is another smart, user-friendly innovation. This is a new feature in the Credit Suisse Private Banking Switzerland app. With Cardless Cash, a smartphone can be used to make cash withdrawals and deposits at most CS and Neue Aargauer Bank (NAB) ATMs. Cash is withdrawn at ATMs on your mobile phone using a QR code, which is first created in the app. The QR code can be stored on a smartphone, printed or sent electronically, for example via email or MMS to another recipient. Cardless cash is ideal if you want to have money dispensed to your children or someone else, for instance.

However, this innovation is also very practical if you do not have your wallet with you and need cash. Cash is dispensed at an ATM equipped with a QR code reader. There, you simply hold the QR code generated by the app under the reader and the pre-specified cash amount can be withdrawn from the ATM.

The Most Unique IBAN in the World

The last of the innovative services that will make our lives easier in the future is called MyIBAN. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is one of the most important requirements for transferring money quickly, reliably, and economically, both within Switzerland and abroad.

With MyIBAN, Credit Suisse became the world's first financial institution to offer the option of choosing or creating your own IBAN. Private individuals and companies can thus add their very own personal touch to their payments.

Specifically, CS clients can now use MyIBAN to pick the last twelve characters of their own IBAN. For instance, they can select their name or a combination of numbers that is easy to remember. MyIBAN can be used by all Credit Suisse clients for national and international payment transactions with no restrictions, and it ensures that the IBAN is easily recognizable for the holder.

Author: Credit Suisse

As one of the world's leading banks, Credit Suisse is committed to delivering its financial experience and expertise to corporate, institutional and government clients in Switzerland.

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