Engage your audience How to build the foundations of successful events - from conception, planning through to execution.

Issue: 2 / 2015
Bringing a concept or an idea to life is an exercise in relentless attention to detail. Ensuring successful events around the world requires creative thinking and clear step-by-step processes.

Here are 3 basic principles which lead to successful live communication, shared by industry expert Jürgen Künkel, CEO of Vantage Global Event Production.

1. Listen and understand 

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the objectives and communication goals of the event by heart. From there the creative process can begin. Basing designs on technical pre-planning and engineering ensures from the outset that ideas not only look good on paper, but are also feasible in practice. This approach reduces time, effort and ultimately, costs.


2. Making ideas work

Every creative idea should lead to technical planning and thorough organisation before it becomes a reality. "At Vantage we take responsibility for the engineering, supplier selection, quality assurance, coordination and any related commercial aspects so that our clients can focus on other things which are important to them" says Künkel. It takes experienced event producers to coordinate all suppliers, to handle the necessary clearance and approval processes, and to deal with health and safety aspects, ensuring that ideas work.


3. Enhance the experience

Timing is everything. Modern multimedia productions require not only the latest technologies, but an experienced show caller and operators who bring the technology to life. You only achieve the desired impact when the presenter, the content, and any stage effects appear in the right way.

"Live communication is a sensitive balance between transferring information and touching the audience's emotions and attention." says Künkel. How things look, sound and feel has a substantial impact on how your message gets into your target audience's mind.

Vantage provides every aspect of technical production, from creative concepts, consultation and technical planning, through to complete on-site delivery.

Lights off, spot on.

Author: Jürgen Künkel

Jürgen Künkel (40), CEO and founder of Vantage, runs with his team about 150 events worldwide for clients such as Actelion, Roche, Ricola and Novartis as well as for a variety of national and international communication agencies. Besides supervising the business he is producing shows himself and maintains technical consultancy mandates for various international organisations and NGOs.

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