Enjoying Schaffhausen What's on in your new town?

Find out what's happening in your new home. What makes it unique? From cultural activities to natural areas, there's bound to be something for you.

Getting to know Schaffhausen

Once you've settled in to your new home and covered all the essentials, it's time to get to know your new environment. Becoming familiar with the local culture is a start. Meet people with similar interests and make a dedicated effort to engage in activities that are important to you, whether sport, relaxation, family, culture or socialising. And most importantly, stay open and receptive to the new experience.

For English news resources read the article Entertainment, News & Media in Schaffhausen.

Things to do in Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen's excellent public transport network and compactness make it easy to navigate and explore. Schaffhausen also has plenty to offer for children nature and sports enthusiastsSchaffhausen Tourism and Schaffhausen.ch proudly reveal more that the canton has to offer.

Meeting people in Schaffhausen

Subscribe to the sh.ch regional information portal's expatriate newsletter for up to date information on what's going on in Schaffhausen. The Schaffhausen Expats Meetup Group organises regular activities to meet people and share interests.

If you're looking for peace and renewal

  • Spend a day at the City Spa Kronenhof.
  • The Munot Rose Garden is next to the entrance of the Munot Fortress.
  • The Schaffhausen forest cemetery is a special place for peace and contemplation. Towards the end of June glow worms are to be seen.
  • The All Saints' Herb Garden/Museum zu Allerheiligen is a medieval herb garden, as formerly cultivated by monks, with medicinal plants and seasoning herbs.
  • The Roman Thermal Springs Iuliomagus Schleitheim is open to the public as part of the Thermal Museum.
  • Psychiatriezentrum Breitenau has a peaceful landscaped English garden.
  • Tannbüel is a protected nature area with impressive lady's slipper and orchid displays.
  • Kneipp-Anlage Griesbach is ideal to cool off after a strenuous hike in designated pools, with a surrounding area planted with natural herbs used in Kneipp herbal products. There is a barefoot path and benches to relax in the tranquil forest atmosphere.
  • Rosengarten Charlottenfels was designed by the Swiss "Father of Roses", Dietrich Woessner.
  • Klangreservoir "uf Stuel": listen and marvel at this former reservoir, which has been converted into a ‘sound instrument', for real ‘percussion architecture'. This sound space is a place for an impressive, individual encounter with art.
  • The Kesslerloch cave is one of the most important sites of the late Ice Age in Europe and reveals traces of settlements from the Late Palaeolithic Age.
  • The Höhle Winterlislöchli is a cave which radiates peace and harmony and offering unobstructed views towards neighbouring German Klettgau. It offers vineyard workers a shady spot to rest in summer, and in autumn to roast traditional sausages over a fire.

Photo:swiss-image.ch/Robert Boesch

Author: André Hirschi

André works at Switzerland’s leading relocation group Packimpex, where he is Head of Relocation Services for German-speaking Switzerland. André grew up in Bern, Switzerland. In addition to his broad experience in relocation, he initially trained as a Chef, worked 13 years as a hospitality industry professional, and was Events Manager at Bern’s leading event location. André has done a lot of traveling, and he enjoys playing squash, tennis and sports in general, as well as meeting new people.

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