Ensure peace of mind during your holidays Helvetia provides helpful guidance on travel insurance

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent unwelcome incidents. However, additional annoyance can to a large extent be avoided by taking out the right travel insurance.

The suitcases are packed, the neighbour's looking after the plants, and good friends took over the canary two days ago. The Brown family are looking forward to their holidays. On the way to the airport, Mr Brown's jacket is stolen in which he had his wallet, credit cards and passport including visa.

It's soon clear that Mr. Brown will not be able to board the plane, Mrs. Brown will have to depart on holiday on her own with the children. Although it's upsetting, the relief is even greater that at least the financial loss can be contained. Luckily, the Brown family took out travel insurance for the whole family. And this will cover the additional travel costs for Mr. Brown.

But travel insurance does more than offer protection before the trip. During the holiday too, or if you are unable to use concert tickets due to illness, for example, it pays off.

Complete support with insurance needs

Daniel Ahmeti and his team of professional insurance advisers at Helvetia are here to offer comprehensive insurance advice tailored to the needs of international people living in Switzerland.

Facts & Figures on travel insurance

  • Protection against the financial consequences of unused, delayed or interrupted trips
  • Support with travel-related incidents in Switzerland and abroad
  • Immediate assistance with a car breakdown or accident
  • No deductible – regardless of whether you take out individual or combined benefits 
Author: Helvetia Insurance

Helvetia offers an extensive product range for immigrants and covers all insurance requirements. You can rely on our in-depth expertise and personal service in any situation and for a wide variety of topics. Visit our website for more information and to get in touch with one of our advisers.

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