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Whether you want live entertainment, local and international news updates, to explore local culture, or to meet new people, there are media and English language resources to point you in the right direction.

Entertainment & events in Basel

Basel is the cultural capital of Switzerland. There is never a shortage of events, exhibitions and festivals to enjoy in the city. Most notably, Basel is home to the renowned Basler Fasnacht, a 72 hour long event held annually during February or March. It is one of the largest of the numerous carnivals that occur in Switzerland each year.

Check the Hello Switzerland Events page and sign up for the Hello Switzerland Newsletter to keep up to date on expat events in your area. Basel tourism, local newspapers and newsletters such as Ron Orp Basel (DE) also publicise fun upcoming events.

Press & online media in Basel

The Basler Zeitung (DE) is the region's largest daily newspaper and event listings are available online at Basler Zeitung Agenda (DE).  Basel geht aus! is a magazine you can purchase from local agents that lists bars, clubs, restaurants and events in Basel.

English language publications

International and foreign language newspapers are available at larger city newsstands and kiosks and at the train station. Swiss News and The Local provide news in English. Swiss Info is an online publication featuring daily news articles about Switzerland and published in many languages.

Hello Switzerland Magazine is written by expats for expats. It is published quarterly and free of charge, containing articles and events for those living in Switzerland, as well as information for those still in the relocation process. Receive it for free when you create a simple profile online and check the box in your profile.

Mothering Matters & Fathering Too is an excellent online journal for parents in Switzerland. It covers, in English, topics in health, education, travel, bilingualism and child development. The New Stork Times is another publication about parenthood in Switzerland, available by subscription. It is published ten times a year.

Radio & television in Basel


Digital television providers broadcast several international English language TV channels. Digital television is available either with an internet and telephone package or a satellite dish. Telebasel (DE) is Basel's local television station for Basel. The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) has a full list of licensed television and radio broadcasters operating in Switzerland.

The Swiss national public broadcaster (SSG/SSR) provides regional television and radio channels in French, Italian, German and Romansh. These are available locally as well as nationally on cable and DTH.

English radio in Basel

Radio X (DE) broadcasts weekly English language radio programmes in Basel, which covers current and upcoming events. BBC World Service is available on Satellite: Hot Bird 8-13º east. Other English radio, like World Radio Switzerland, can be received via DAB+ radio or streamed over the internet. Programming includes contemporary music, chat, BBC news, interviews, lots of great contests, and local goings on for the English speaking community.

If you have a favourite radio programme back home, check online to see if they offer streaming or podcasts.

Theatre, concerts, cinema & music in Basel

Live performances

Classical music is popular in Basel, with regular performances from the Academy of Music (DE), the Chamber Orchestra (DE), the Basel Symphony (DE) and the Basel Symphony Orchestra. The City Casino (DE) is considered to be one of the best settings for classical music concerts. Concerts in the Münster (DE) and the Church of St. Martin are also very popular. The Kuppel (DE), Kaserne and the Bird's Eye Jazz Club regularly host live popular music performances.

Tickets for many concerts and events can be purchased through Ticketcorner and Star Ticket.

Theatre, dance and opera lovers have an array of choice at many other cultural venues. The Theatre Festival is an annual highlight. The Basel Pantomime, a vibrant English amateur theatre group, holds regular performances.

Learn more about cultural events and things to do in Basel in the articles Enjoying Basel and Family Activities in Basel.


Basel has a wide choice of cinemas screening mainstream, independent and foreign films. Most films are screened in the original language, indicated by a letter after the film's title: E for English, D for German, etc. Tickets are discounted on Mondays.

Most cinemas are located around Barfüsserplatz. A visit to the Pathé Küchlin (DE) is worthwhile just for the architecture, but also for the chance to upgrade to a luxury ticket and enjoy a comfortable seat and an aperitif. Orange Cinema hosts an open air cinema during summertime.

In neighbouring Germany the Kinopalast in Weil am Rhein (DE) as well as the Cineplex in Lörrach (DE) are large cinema complexes, but films are often dubbed into German rather than subtitled.

Photo: swiss-image/ Zuerich Tourismus

Author: Nathalie Schmitt

Born in Basel, grown up in Baselland and now living across the border in France with my husband and son. After working 20 years in the aviation business, Relocation has now become my new challenge since more than one year.

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