Entertainment, News & Media in Neuchâtel Up to date in Switzerland

Whether you want live entertainment, local and international news updates, a good book or film, to explore local culture, or to meet new people, you'll soon be pointed in the right direction. English language media and special interest groups will provide the information you need.

News, media and entertainment in Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel has no foreign language press of it's own although English-language cultural activities are available online and to purchase at larger kiosks and bookstores. Expat and activity networks offer ideas and inspiration for local activities from people in the know.

What's on in Neuchâtel

Information about events and entertainment is available from Neuchâtel Tourism, from local Tourist Offices and local newspapers. L'Express and L'impartial are French-language papers published in Neuchâtel with details of local events and entertainment in their supplements and online. Neuchâtel has a very nice theatre and several playhouses. Classical concerts, music festivals and concerts by international performers are held regularly. Tickets for most events can be brought from TicketCorner.

There are 5 cinemas in the town of Neuchâtel and 4 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Movies are usually shown in French but there are special nights for movies in original version with subtitles in French and German. Cinema listings are online or in the local press. For frequent movie-goers, there is a Cine-Card arrangement which entitles holders to special benefits. The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in July is one of the key events in Swiss cinema. Despite it's size Neuchâtel has some worthy museums to visit, many of which offer tours and guides in English.

Expat publications in Neuchâtel

Many English-language newspapers and magazines are available at newsstands and bookstores sometimes on the day after publication. Most are also available online:

  • Hello Switzerland is written by expats for expats in Switzerland published quarterly and free of charge.
  • Swiss news is a monthly national newspaper focusing on events from an expatriate's perspective.
  • Swiss Style provides information on services, products and events for the Anglophone population.
  • Geneva Lunch is an online community newspaper which also covers some aspects of Neuchâtel life.

English language radio and television in Neuchâtel

BBC World Service is available on digital Satellite: Hot Bird 8-13º east.

Radio 74 (88.8 FM Geneva and the lake region) is a bilingual French/English service

World Radio Switzerland can be received via DAB+ radio or streamed over the internet. Programming includes contemporary music, chat, BBC news, interviews, lots of great contests, and local goings on for the English speaking community.

The Swiss national public broadcaster (SSG/SSR) provides regional television channels in Switzerland's official languages via cable, installed in most homes. More international channels are available digital internet and telephone packages. The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) lists licensed broadcasters in Switzerland.

Other English language television and radio stations are available via digital, satellite or live streaming.

Photo: swiss-image/ Zuerich Tourismus

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