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Whether you want live entertainment, local and international news updates, to explore local culture, or to meet new people, there are media and English language resources to point you in the right direction.

Entertainment & events in Schaffhausen

Locals call Schaffhausen a small piece of paradise. Set in the Rhine River with surrounding vineyards and the spectacular Rhine Falls, there is an array of cultural and outdoor activities available. Schaffhausen is renowned for its fine dining and local Burgunderland wines (DE). Annual cultural highlights include the Bach Festival (DE), Gourmet Festival, Film Festival and Jazz Festival (DE). Every summer a multi-day music concert called "das Festival" (DE) takes place on the Herrenacker in the old town.

Check the Hello Switzerland Events page and sign up for the Hello Switzerland Newsletter to keep up to date on expat events in your area. Schaffhausen Tourism has an events calendar, and Nordagenda (DE) and Schaffhausen.ch (DE) also list upcoming events in the area. The city of Schaffhausen produces two valuable newsletters in English with information for expats about cultural events and happenings to be aware of.

Schaffhausen press & online media

English language publications

Schaffhausen has no local English media but international and foreign language newspapers are available at larger city newsstands and kiosks as well as at the train station. Swiss news is a monthly national newspaper focusing on events from an expatriate's perspective. Swiss Info is an online publication featuring daily news articles about Switzerland, published in many languages. Two other good English periodicals are The Local and Swiss Style.

Hello Switzerland Magazine is written by expats for expats. It is published quarterly and free of charge, containing articles and events for those living in Switzerland, as well as information for those still in the relocation process. Receive it for free when you create a simple profile online and check the box in your profile.

Mothering Matters & Fathering Too is an excellent online journal for parents in Switzerland. It covers, in English, topics in health, education, travel, bilingualism and child development.

Schaffhausen radio & television

The Swiss national public broadcaster (SSG/SSR) provides regional television channels in Switzerland's official languages via cable, installed in most homes. International channels are available on digital internet and telephone packages. The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) lists licensed broadcasters in Switzerland.

Radio Munot is a local (German) radio station and Schaffhauser Fernsehen, and Tele D are local television stations, both available on cable.

English-language radio stations in Schaffhausen

BBC World Service is available on digital Satellite: Hot Bird 8-13º east. Other English radio, like World Radio Switzerland, can be received via DAB+ radio or streamed over the internet. Programming includes contemporary music, chat, BBC news, interviews, lots of great contests, and local goings on for the English speaking community.

If you have a favourite radio programme back home, check online to see if they offer streaming or podcasts.

Entertainment & cinema in Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen is relatively small so it is best to check Schaffhausen Tourism for the latest event information. There is also a small programme offered at the Stadttheater (DE). Residents often travel to Zurich or Winterthur for shows and events.

Tickets for most events, with the exception of cinemas, can be purchased from Ticketcorner. For concert tickets refer to Star Ticket.

Learn more about cultural events and things to do in Schaffhausen in the articles Enjoying Schaffhausen and Family Activities in Schaffhausen.


There are several cinema locations in Schaffhausen (DE). Most movies are dubbed in German but every first Wednesday of the month, Kinepolis (DE) offers a movie in its original language. Nordagenda (DE) lists current programmes. The annual Schaffhausen Film Festival takes place in March. Munot Castle hosts seasonal open air cinema in local style with panoramic views. Lindenhof farm presents Cinéfarm Buchberg from May to September with local delicacies in a forest setting.

Photo: swiss-image/ Zuerich Tourismus

Author: André Hirschi

André works at Switzerland’s leading relocation group Packimpex, where he is Head of Relocation Services for German-speaking Switzerland. André grew up in Bern, Switzerland. In addition to his broad experience in relocation, he initially trained as a Chef, worked 13 years as a hospitality industry professional, and was Events Manager at Bern’s leading event location. André has done a lot of traveling, and he enjoys playing squash, tennis and sports in general, as well as meeting new people.

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