Family activities in Bern Switzerland for families

With an abundance of natural playgrounds: mountains, lakes and rivers, fascinating history and culture and museums, Switzerland is a great place for family outings. Take advantage of discounted family passes and railway combination offers to explore Switzerland without breaking the bank.

Family activities in Switzerland

Public facilities in Switzerland are clearly signposted and well maintained, but natural areas often don't have definite safety restrictions. It's left to the individual to enjoy nature responsibly. This liberal philosophy allows for freedom and mutual respect and for children to become ‘street smart' in cities and ‘nature wise' in the great outdoors.

Children's activities in the Bern Region

Bern and surroundings offer plenty of family activities to choose from. Summer is ideal for day trips to explore the area. Swimming pools, are plentiful and remain open until 8pm on summer evenings, so perfect for al fresco dining and meeting friends. City parks are oases from everyday stress. In winter nearby ski resorts offer skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

Tourist information centres and local newspapers provide information on places to visit.

Essential tips for planning family activities

  • Child-friendly facilities such as road rest stops, baby changing rooms, and breast feeding areas make life easier for families.
  • The Touring Club of Switzerland (TCS) ensures security whilst on a road trip.
  • Swiss railways has great ideas and offers for family outings, as well as family carriages on board SBB CFF trains,
  • Ikea in Lyssach, the Westside shopping centre and the Shoppyland in Schönbühl have children's play areas.
  • The Swiss weather forecast can help with planning activities.
  • Book for summer camps early in the year. The infrastructure is outstanding, with a tradition of inviting young adventurers to discover new horizons.
  • Fäger is the city of Bern's selection of holiday activities and offers a wide range of workshops, tours, courses and camps.
  • The Ferienpass holiday programme of Biel-Bienne can be found on the Biel Bienne website.

Outdoors with children in Bern and Biel-Bienne

Rainy day activities with children in Bern and Biel-Bienne

Babies and small children

Babies have a choice of gyms, music workshops, and swimming to get used to water and there are pre-school and play groups for toddlers.


Photo: du Fresne

Author: Marita Fuhrer

Marita Fuhrer is Australian with Swiss heritage. Marita relocated from Melbourne to Bern and became Marketing Manager at Packimpex. Leaving behind a colourful work history including PR & event management, adult education and teaching piano – she now enjoys working closely with Packimpex’s vibrant international community. Marita loves Bern, its people, and its uniqueness.

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