Fast and easy Swisscom connection Discover a special connectivity service for international people

Hello Switzerland is proud to announce a service to connect international people to Swisscom in the fastest, simplest, most efficient way possible.









Regardless if you're still abroad or already here, you'll order your preferred Swisscom products simply and easily from Hello Switzerland by telephone or email.

Not sure which Swisscom products to choose? We'll guide you and configure the best service package for your needs.

Free VIP fast track connection service

Lina Vollmar and her team of customer advisers at Hello Switzerland are here to connect you to Swisscom in the fastest, simplest, most efficient way possible.


For newcomers, the major benefit is that by contacting Hello Switzerland you can start the telecoms connection process even before you relocate to Switzerland.

For residents, it's simply the easiest way to upgrade to Swisscom.

For those who have decided to leave Switzerland, especially earlier than planned, Hello Switzerland can help you terminate your contract earlier than the official exit date without having to pay a penalty fee.

Hello Switzerland's dedicated team handles all the admin for you, so you have one less thing to worry about. There are no additional costs, just a great free service.

Contact the Swiss Relocation Helpline to make sure you are connected from day one or to upgrade your current service. Simply call us on +41 58 356 17 77 or send your request to

Benefits of being connected to Swisscom via Hello Switzerland immediately on arrival in Switzerland

  • You are consulted by Hello Switzerland's professional advisers. We deal with new arrivals on a daily basis. We understand your needs.
  • Thanks to Hello Switzerland's expertise, you have one less thing to worry about and are free to focus on the other aspects of relocating and settling in.
  • You are sure to receive the highest quality service from Swisscom, Switzerland's telecom and TV market leader.
  • You are staying connected. This is vital as you arrive in Switzerland:
    • You will not miss a day without being able to reach out to loved ones.
    • Your home is office is up and running.
    • Your children can stay up to speed with their online lessons.
    • You can connect with home immediately on arrival without expensive roaming cost.

Leading telecoms & TV products

With Swisscom you are guaranteed the best in all things telecom:

  • Ultra-fast home internet connection, with fiber optics to the home available in most cities.
  • The mobile network with the best coverage.
  • The most generous TV offer, with more than 300 channels in three dozen languages. No other digital TV provider is as expat friendly as Swisscom, with features like voice search in English and English subtitles to shows in German.
  • inOne packages that are easy to understand and that you can customize at any time, according to your current needs.
  • Leading customer service.
  • Highly responsive technical support.
  • Multilingual service and high proficiency in English. Contracts, monthly statements, technical support and after care services are all provided in English, in addition to German, French and Italian.


Overheard from our Swisscom client community

"It was really like wow-fast, one day I called and 2 days later I had the contract. You just need to know your address and they take it from there." Dan (37), Basel, Auditor from the UK

"It is really great to come to an empty house, but have internet. I could actually do without having a bed, but give me my internet and give it to me now. They totally delivered, Hello Switzerland and Swisscom together, I mean." Cris (40), Zurich, IT Manager from Germany

"I totally recommend going through Hello Switzerland, it's fast and less paperwork. You can do everything remotely, it's like you have a VIP concierge service for free. Who would NOT want that?" Elise (29), Geneva, Communications Specialist from France

Author: Mike Tomsett - Hello Switzerland

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