Financial security in the event of disability or death in Switzerland Maximum protection at a surprisingly affordable price!

How can I protect myself and my family financially if something were to happen to me or I became ill? Although Switzerland has a well-established system of benefit coverage, this question is important for both newcomers to the country and those who have lived in Switzerland for a long time.

In many situations, the benefits from the AHV/ AVS, IV/ AI schemes and from pension funds are not sufficient to maintain the accustomed standard of living.

In the case of illness – the most common cause of earning disability – newcomers to Switzerland who have only been making contributions for a short time are particularly at risk of income shortfalls.

It's easy to get protection in the event of death or earning disability, and the premiums are affordable.

Set up insurances

Daniel Ahmeti and his team of professional insurance advisers at Helvetia are here to offer comprehensive insurance advice tailored to the needs of international people living in Switzerland.

Lidija Jezidzic, who specializes in advising newcomers, uses her own example to show your customers how they can avoid such shortfalls by taking out private risk insurance.

In the case of whole life insurance, the predetermined capital is paid out upon the death of the insured person. He or she can choose whom this goes to. Lidija Jezidzic recommends taking out such a policy when you purchase property, too. This is a simple way to protect the family's mortgage debt.

Earning disability insurance covers income shortfalls in the event of disability. In the case of families, risk cover is also recommended for the non-working or only partially employed parent as well as the children, as they generally only receive minimal benefits.

A professional pensions expert will help you find a tailored solution during a personal consultation. Connect with Helvetia's specialised advisors.

Author: Lidija Tomic-Babic (fmr. Jezidzic)

Lidija Jezidzic works as a customer advisor at Helvetia's Berne general agency and specializes in advising newcomers. Helvetia Insurance has been one of Switzerland's leading insurance companies for 160 years. Helvetia offers customized solutions for a wide variety of insurance needs including private pensions and occupational benefits, indemnity insurance and mortgages. Find out more here:

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