Finding a school The right school for your children

Switzerland is renowned for its high standard of education, but understanding the education system can be challenging. Important factors to take into account include how long you're planning to stay, how old the children are, their personality types, abilities, language skills, and whether to a choose a private or state school.

Education in Switzerland

Deciding where your children should go to school is an important and personal decision. Switzerland is renowned for its high standard of education but understanding the Swiss education system can be challenging for newcomers.

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs provides a detailed overview of Switzerland's education system. There is a range of schools from state schools to private, international & bilingual schools in Switzerland.

Finding a school in Switzerland

  • How long do you plan to stay in Switzerland? Rather adopt a long-term view if you're uncertain.
  • How old are your children?
  • How old will they be when you leave?
  • Do you have an idea where you will live next? Considering this may assist with continuity.
  • What schooling have the children completed? What was the system?
  • Consider the appropriate academic level for your children.  
  • Are you considering a private or international school?
  • Are you considering a state school
  • Do your children have any special needs?
  • Which languages would be beneficial for the children to learn?
  • Consider that your place of residence may affect the choice of school.
  • In private schools, places are limited and it is important to apply up to one year in advance.

Choosing a school for your children

  • Take all options into account and visit all potential schools.
  • Get information from a parent group or expatriate community from the school.
  • If appropriate, involve the child and consider their wishes.
  • Consider long term effects, such as psychological and sociological factors.
  • Gain as much knowledge and understanding as possible, but finally the decision is yours.
Author: François Enzler

After more than 10 years’ experience in relocation in Switzerland, François is now heading the Packimpex Academy which provides over 30 different training courses specific to the needs of the relocation industry. His experience of the daily challenges faced by relocation consultants flows directly into the training courses designed and led by the Packimpex Academy.

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