Gynaecology and maternity care in Switzerland A comprehensive guide on what to expect when you're expecting in Switzerland

Whether you are evaluating healthcare options in Switzerland, or are looking for specialty care within Switzerland, Hirslanden International provides personalised care in first class facilities.

If you're expecting, Switzerland is home to world class hospitals, clinics and medical staff. You can expect state-of-the-art treatment and care during the most important time in your family's life – pregnancy.

If you require additional assistance, contact the Hello Switzerland Helpline. We can help you find the right clinic for your needs.

Insurance coverage when pregnant

The healthcare system in Switzerland is strongly favourable for women who are expecting.

Compulsory insurance coverage

Mothers and health insurance

As of March 2014, treatment and care costs past the 13th week of pregnancy are not liable to any out of pocket costs.

The compulsory health insurance covers home birth, hospital births or a birthing centre. The place of birth must be included in the Hospital List of the canton of residence. This list differs by canton. Services provided by a physician or midwife are covered, but not by other practitioners.

Up to seven check-ups are included for reimbursement, this includes required laboratory test. A single postpartum check-up is included from six to ten weeks after delivery. Two ultrasounds are included in compulsory insurance.

Amniocentesis is not always covered, but rather depends on the discretion of the physician.

Newborns and health insurance

Three breastfeeding consultations are included, if conducted by a nurse of midwife.

It is the mother's health insurance covers the hospital stay of both mother and baby. However, if the baby is born with any medical issues then the treatment costs are covered by the newborn baby's health insurance. Therefore, it is important that the baby have his/her own health insurance policy prior to giving birth.

If not sharing a room with other mothers and their newborns is important to you, you should consider purchasing a supplementary insurance that allows you to have semi-private or private rooms. In the general ward, you will share facilities with multiple women.

Supplementary insurance coverage

If additional treatment and care options are important to you, then you should consider a supplementary health insurance. Supplemental insurance covers you if you wish to freely choose your own gynaecologist/obstetrician/physician.

Having your baby at a Hirslanden clinic or hospital

Having a baby is a special moment in your life. At Hirslanden International, highly trained and qualified doctors, and midwives, provide quality obstetric care to make sure that both the pregnancy, and the birth, are a special experience for both you and your family.

Your choice of treatment

When you're expecting, you should expect the best care in Switzerland. Hirslanden clinics offer you a wide range of treatment options. From traditional medicine to cutting edge trends in alternative childbirth, to water births in premium facilities, Hirslanden can accommodate your family's needs.  This range includes homeopathy, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

At every examination, your personal physician will provide you with personal and quality care. Key data about yourself and your baby will be tracked to provide a reliable overview of the status of your pregnancy, allowing for the best care possible.

Your choice of doctor and midwife

Hirslanden clinics offer you the choice of doctor, gynaecologist, obstetrician and midwife.

Hirslanden physicians accompany patients from diagnosis to recovery, allowing comprehensive treatment from a single, highly qualified source. You will be able to count on your medical experts being by your side from the first time you step into the clinic, up until your newborn is delivered. If English is your mother tongue, you can rest assured knowing that all of the medical staff will be able to communicate effectively with you.

Premium facilities

Hirslanden International offers premium facilities, as well as state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you and your baby are cared for. The modern facilities are sure to make you feel at ease during one of the most special moments of your family's life. The rooms offer a beautiful view and a tranquil ambience, to ensure that you and your little one are able to rest. With private insurance, you can choose a single room. With semi-private insurance, you will be placed in a twin room.

Superior service

Hirslanden offers superior service: catered menu, tailored to your health and tastes, room service, and a selection of daily newspapers, drinks and toiletries. In a private room, family members may stay overnight in your room and flexible visiting hours.

Further amenities

  • Simplified administrative procedure for application and admission to the clinic
  • Preferential treatment, such as a say in daily routines and involvement in the treatment plan
  • Broader range of personal hygiene and nursing care services

  • Personal patient care

  • Selection of daily newspapers, drinks, toiletries, etc.

  • Organisation of medical treatment after discharge
Author: hirslanden-international

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, since 2007 part of the South African Mediclinic Corporation, is the leading private hospital group and the largest medical network in Switzerland. It consists of 16 hospitals in 11 cantons, and has a good 2,100 employed and affiliated doctors. The group provides the highest standard of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of specialties, and offers top-notch medical infrastructure (e.g. Da Vinci technology, CyberKnife, TrueBeam, and hybrid operating theatres). The group runs a Center of Excellence that is specialized in the management of international patients.

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