Holiday planning for expats Differences and similarities with the Swiss

The way in which Swiss people and expats plan their holidays differs in some aspects. In all cases, it's essential to be prepared in the event that your holidays don't go as planned.

When planning holidays, there are both differences and similarities between Swiss people and expats. In the summer months, their plans are often similar: For sun and warm temperatures, many Swiss and expats are happy to take a lengthy flight or – if they have to – queue for hours in their cars to drive through the Gotthard tunnel.

But in winter, and over the Christmas period in particular, their holiday plans often differ. The Swiss like to spend their holidays at winter sports resorts either in Switzerland or in neighbouring countries. It's quite different for most expats. Like the Swiss, their focus during this period is spending time with their families, but this usually involves a more complicated trip to their home country. The preparations begin as early as October when the first presents are chosen and flights booked.

Regardless of the season - holidays don't always go to plan, and the question of insurance arises. Is it necessary to pay for optional luggage insurance or is this risk already included in another policy? Should you take out cancellation insurance when booking your flight? And what if the presents already bought go missing during the journey?

Set up insurances

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Travel insurance

Luckily, these questions are relatively easy to answer. People who travel often for personal reasons certainly won't go wrong by taking out travel insurance.

As a rule, travel insurance policies are available for individuals or for the whole family. The policy contains several service packages such as cancellation costs or motor vehicle assistance which can be taken out individually or combined. Most all-in-one travel assistance packages for a family cost less than CHF 20 per month which, in the case of several trips a year, soon becomes more cost-effective than taking out a temporary policy for each trip.

What are the benefits of travel insurance?

The benefits provided by a travel insurance policy are also slightly different in each country. Something that is common practice in your home country may be treated differently under Swiss law. For this reason it is worthwhile checking with your insurance advisor – ensuring that you can relax and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

By the way: Lost luggage is usually already covered by household contents insurance.


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