Home from home: Packimpex rental furniture Interview with Sandra Wicki, Interior Designer, Pfister Interior Service AG

In line with their drive for innovation, Packimpex recently upgraded their rental furniture portfolio. Sandra Wicki shares her experience of working with Packimpex on this exciting project.

When did you first discuss the new furniture line with Packimpex?

When I had my first meeting with Ernst & Silvia Jörg, their vision was to build up a fresh, new and exciting furniture collection. Their primary concern was for their clients to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. They both have very good taste and came with lots of great ideas. It was then our job at Pfister Interior Service to make this a reality. When I look at the furnished apartments today, I can happily say they're a true reflection of our first conversation.

What criteria were you given?

Packimpex asked me to design a package which was ‘green' and incorporated elements including quality, design and timelessness. It needed to be suitable for a variety of people with a hint of Swissness.

How do you integrate Swissness?

My first thought was: should I hang a cowbell at the front door, have drawers full of chocolate, or a Swiss flag in the living room? I then decided to integrate Swiss paintings into the collection. These feature iconic landmarks and well-known landscapes in a modern, exciting way. In addition, not only is the furniture made in Switzerland but we work closely with local businesses, perfectly complementing the ‘Swiss style'.

How does this furniture collection suit such a variety of people?

We chose high quality, durable surfaces and materials that can handle the daily life of families, pets, visitors etc. Tailoring to the client's needs is also top priority. We visit the warehouse and handpick every item. The collections have international flair and would suit anywhere from Abu Dhabi to the Bernese Oberland.

How would you describe the Packimpex collection?

Modern, elegant and classy: it's a timeless collection. The colours, materials, functionality, shape and style make it a sophisticated showcase. It's also extremely versatile. There's room for clients to add their own personality, creativity and special touch.

What makes the difference?

It's the small details that really count: the shape of handles; placement of lights; well-balanced textures; and colourful undertones. When I can say, "wow it all works together so beautifully", that's the moment I know there's harmony in the home. It's as if the apartment were surrounding you and giving you a big hug!

Do you have any tips for making a home from home?

With Packimpex's furniture line, you have a solid foundation to work with. Make it your space with a few personal touches. Bring your new surroundings into your home – go to the local market, buy some flowers and put them in your favourite place. Keep your refrigerator full of fresh local produce and try out new recipes. It's these little things that make all the difference.



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