How to use smartphones and technology safely How Swisscom protects kids

With Swisscom, your family can navigate the digital world. You can ensure that children and young adults use technology and digital media safely.

Protect your children online with Internet Security

With Internet Security, you will receive a child protection programme that blocks access to websites with adult content.

You can select several age-dependent profiles that control which content can be viewed by which child.

You can also specify at what times of day your children are allowed to surf the Internet and place time limits.

Free VIP fast track connection service

Lina Vollmar and her team of customer advisers at Hello Switzerland are here to connect you to Swisscom in the fastest, simplest, most efficient way possible.

Find a balance between entertainment and family time

You know that technology can play an important role in keeping your kids entertained when bad weather comes. So keep in mind that winter, and the very busy holiday season, is quickly approaching.

If your kids enjoy surfing the web, playing games, or even just reading books on their Kindles, you might need to check up on your internet speed. Swisscom can help you make sure that your internet speed is as fast as you need it to be.

My Service ensures your computers and mobiles at home are safe

If you do not feel comfortable handling technical devices, or if you don't have the time to deal with them, the My Service experts from Swisscom will be happy to pay a visit to your home. There they will install the desired software for a fixed price. They can also provide competent advice in relation to media protection for minors.

No 0900 telephone numbers for minors

By default, Swisscom blocks access to adult entertainment for all customers under 16. In addition, customers under 16 cannot dial business numbers (beginning with 0900, 0901, 0906).

Restrict TV consumption and block programmes and channels

With Swisscom TV, you have the option of protecting children and adolescents by using a PIN code to block certain channels and programmes. This makes it impossible for your children to watch programmes and films that you deem inappropriate.

For everyone under 26: get access to the best network, with a CHF 20 discount

If your family has someone aged under 26 in it, then you can take advantage of the inOne XTRA mobile subscription. This discount is for everyone under 26. If your parents also use Swisscom, then you can save up to CHF 40 monthly on your Swisscom services.

One subscription: Multi Device

With Swisscom's Multi Device service, up to 3 devices with a SIM slot can connect to the mobile network simultaneously. In this way your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch are ready for you to go online or make phone calls with the phone number of your inOne mobile subscriptions at any time.

Swisscom recommends the new inOne products for people in the same household, but notes that same-time calls on the master and additional device are not possible.


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Author: Mike Tomsett - Hello Switzerland

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