Innovating the business environment in Switzerland Digitalising Switzerland's economic framework

How do you create an oasis for startups and small and medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in an ecosystem that isn't highly conducive to creating businesses? The answer is clear – you change the framework.

Digital transformation of the political, social and economic framework in Switzerland

As a Private Public Partnership, digitalswitzerland works to create a political, social and economic framework that brings Switzerland into the 22nd century, in 2017. 

Initiated by Marc Walder, digitalswitzerland aims to make, create and innovate through five key objectives:


  • Reworking the Swiss political framework
  • Developing talent and education
  • Enabling a startup culture in Switzerland to thrive
  • Fostering digital thought leadership
  • Engaging the public

By working with key politicians in Berne, notably Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann (FDP/PLR/PLD), digitalswitzerland wants to provide solutions to issues relating to the digitalization of industries, like the sharing economy, immigration and enabling students to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (e.g. STEM) in the educational curriculum. Nicolas Bürer is optimistic about the future.

"When you look at where Switzerland was 10 years ago, we have achieved so much. These topics are on the agenda now, and the politicians in Berne realise that we have to come with solutions to these real problems."

Relocating and working in Switzerland as a foreigner

How can Switzerland attract top talent when the current immigration system is so restrictive?

Immigration, Bürer notes, is one of the biggest obstacles facing Switzerland in the future. Attracting talent within Europe is a short-term goal of digitalswitzerland, while creating a framework that can attract talent and capital from the Americas and Asia-Pacific in their long-term vision.

Swiss startups

What would be your top advice to those who want to create a startup in Switzerland?

Look at the environment first, and try to connect with those that are in a similar position to yours. Switzerland is becoming well known for Basel in biotech, Geneva in cyber security, Zurich for fintech, Zug for blockchain and many others besides.

Take advantage of the resources that are on offer here by relying on specialists, when you can, while you concentrate on core business.

digitalswitzerland's summer camps for children

Did you know that digitalswitzerland offers summer camps for children with next generation? (Information in German)

Digitalswitzerland has also developed Europe's largest startup programme, Kickstart Accelerator. Celebrate digital on 21 November, 2017 at digitalswitzerland's first National Digital Day!


About Nicolas Bürer

Nicolas Bürer is the managing director of digitalswitzerland. From 2011 to 2013 he worked as Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at In January 2014, he was appointed Managing Director of Joiz Switzerland. Since the beginning of 2016, Nicolas Bürer has also been the Vice-Chairman of the Swiss Startup Association.

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Author: Samantha Nichole Suarez-Maier

Editor of Hello Switzerland from 2016 to 2017. Samantha is a native Texan, a communicator by trade, and has a strong love of all things Swiss!

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