Interlaken, adventure capital of Europe Adrenaline rush and feel-good moments

Interlaken is known far and wide as the adventure capital of Europe and for good reason. Find out just how spectacular your ‘Winterlaken' holiday might be.

Despite the chilly temperatures, the wintry Interlaken Holiday Region is sure to warm your heart.

Look forward to captivating scenery with views of snow-covered mountains.

Lakes Thun and Brienz sparkle in the sunlight, snow crystals glitter on frozen fir branches and ethereal ice formations adorn idyllic mountain streams.


The meadows and forests in the unspoilt Alpine landscape are transformed into an atmospheric winter wonderland.

Nature is waiting for you and your favourite activities: winter hikes, snowshoe tours, spa and wellness experiences, winter kayaking, jet boat trips, sledging and skiing.

Whether you're here with friends, your partner or children – come and explore the myriad winter activities on offer.




Winterlaken is a package deal that can be booked only until 13 April 2020. It includes access and discounts to a variety of winter activities and restaurants and it is limited to 1000 special deals. 

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Out and about with friends: Adrenaline rush in crisp winter air

Interlaken is known far and wide as the Adventure Capital of Europe and the colourful paragliding canopies in the skies above town have become a familiar sight. Here are some of the most popular adrenaline inducing activities in the region: 

  • Winter kayaking: Did you know that you can explore Interlaken's Lake Brienz in a kayak even in winter? In Bönigen, the passionate kayaker Dave Storey would be delighted to accompany you on a kayaking tour. Dry suits that you can wear over comfortable clothing ensure that you stay warm despite the chill winter air.
  • Jet boat ride: Maybe you'd rather race full throttle across the lake? Bönigen on Lake Brienz is also the home port of the iconic jet boat. Come on board and zoom at lightning speeds across turquoise waters on a tour that takes in the resplendently icy Giessbach Waterfalls and gorgeous Iseltwald Bay. 
  • Skydiving & paragliding: Fancy a change of perspective from water to air? Interlaken has that covered too. Take a paragliding flight or dare to sky-dive; the choice is yours. Paragliding is particularly appealing in winter for its views of the snow-covered landscape. 


Out and about – just the two of you: Romantic feel-good moments

Would you like to surprise your partner with a romantic trip to Lake Thun? Here are some great ideas for a romantic get-away: 

  • Spa & wellness: Spend the night at one of the award-winning spa hotels and succumb to some serious pampering. Leave everyday stresses and strains far behind and savour the soothing sensation of warm, bubbly water against your skin. Some of the region's saunas boast stunning views of the lake and snow-covered Bernese Alps that are sure to spark your wanderlust.
  • Take a stroll through Thun's Bonstetten Park or walk along the shoreline of glistening Lake Thun in Spiez and fall under the spell of winter's tranquillity.  
  • Snowshoeing: How about exploring the pristine white Alpine landscape on snowshoes? There are scenic snowshoe trails in the Diemtig Valley, Aeschi, Sigriswil and on Lombachalp. Listen to the snow crunch underfoot as you make your way through snowbound forests and meadows. Feel the cold mountain breeze and breathe in the pure, crisp winter air.
  • A winter cruise is the icing on the cake of any romantic excursion. The five beautiful castles facing the lake (Spiez, Hünegg, Oberhofen, Schadau and Thun) are absolutely impressive and each deserves a visit.

Our tip: After a walk in the crisp winter air, chill in a hotpot by the lake side and add a fondue as well! Check out Hotpot Brienz, it's divine!


Out and about with children

Want to take your children on a trip to the mountains? Whether it's for their first time on skis or an exciting sledge ride – the Interlaken Holiday Region beckons with charming and family-friendly winter sports resorts. Here are some great ideas of child friendly activities: 

  • Skiing & sledging: The unspoilt and romantic Diemtig Valley has three small ski areas and a sledge run. Hop on a chairlift with your nearest and dearest and let off steam on the perfectly prepared pistes. Just around the corner, above Spiez, the Aeschi ski region ensures unforgettable fun for the whole family and is sure to wow you with the splendid views over deep-blue Lake Thun. Another ski region on the opposite shore also overlooks Lake Thun. Mount Niederhorn captivates with awe-inspiring views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks. Ride up with the cable car and spend a leisurely day on skis, snowboard or sledge while taking in the panoramic vistas at every twist and turn. Sledging at night is particularly spectacular: glide over the moonlit snow under starry skies before stopping off to enjoy a traditional cheese fondue with your family.
  • Ice skating: Down in the valley, in the centre of Interlaken, the magical Top of Europe ICE MAGIC ice-skating experience awaits you and your children. Together you can explore the winding ice runways, warm up again over a refreshing punch or even play a round of Bavarian curling. 
  • For bad weather: Maybe the weather isn't playing along and you are looking for a special, handcrafted souvenir? Learn all about Swiss chocolate at the Funky Chocolate Club and make your own mouth-watering chocolate memento to take home with you.


We wish you an amazing holiday, 'Winterlaken' awaits!

Author: Interlaken Tourism

It’s not unusual for a town to be on a river, lake or an ocean. But for it to sit between two lakes may well be unique. Interlaken - between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz - can boast such a privileged position. And there’s more. Interlaken is also in the heart of the magnificent Jungfrau region mountain world and affords views of the world-famous icy icons, the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau.

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