Kids walk to school Road safety tips

Across Switzerland, tens of thousands of children walk to school every day. TCS advises on how to avoid dangerous situations.

For many years, TCS has been involved in road safety for young and old alike.

With awareness campaigns and accident prevention measures, the leading Swiss mobility club makes our roads safer – thanks to the contributions of its members.

School goes back mid-August following the summer break, so drivers will notice many children walking to school and crossing the road.

Kids crossing - road safety for drivers

  1. It is difficult for children to assess the distance and speed of vehicles. Therefore, always come to a complete stop at pedestrian crossings.
  2. Do not wave them across or flash your headlights. This may cause the children to cross the road without paying attention to oncoming traffic.
  3. Children are often inattentive. Therefore, stay focused when driving, and always be ready to brake.

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Kids crossing - road safety for parents

  1. Allow your child to actively experience his or her way to school. Do not take your child by car.
  2. Accompany your child to school several times on foot and make them aware of risks.
  3. Send your child to school on time. Rush and hurry increase the risk of an accident.


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