Kunsthaus Zug New horizons – within reach

Kunsthaus Zug resembles a treasure trove. Here, you will find unique, exhilarating, impressive, and mysterious works of art. It is a place where renowned and lesser-known works can be discovered.
Located in the centre of Zug, the Kunsthaus Zug is home to works of Swiss Surrealism and Fantastic Realism – and above all the most comprehensive collection of Viennese Modernism anywhere in Europe, outside of Austria (Kamm Collection Foundation). This treasure includes a collection of impressive landscape paintings by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, unequalled in any museum anywhere in the world. 

Art Laboratory

In addition, Kunsthaus Zug is a laboratory for contemporary art. International artists such as Ilya Kabakov, Tadashi Kawamata, Richard Tuttle, Pavel Pepperstein, Olafur Eliasson, Roman Signer, Christoph Rütimann experiment with site specific art in Zug. There is hardly another museum that is so actively engaged in the public space, with the aim of communicating art to a wide segment of the population. The Kunsthaus is also open for joint projects, teaming up with partners in the domains of music, literature, dance, and the applied arts.

Moving Museum

Outdoor exhibition

Kunsthaus Zug mobile is a traveling museum in the form of a specially designed container. In a very compact space, it gives a preview of exhibitions by presenting works of contemporary art. In 2008, Kunsthaus Zug mobile was awarded the "Swiss Award for the Promotion of Visual Art". With only 30.5 square meters of exhibition space, Kunsthaus Zug mobile is probably one of the smallest museums anywhere. This small and at the same time exquisite container takes the task of art education quite literally – it brings art to the people. Since 2002, it has opened its doors to the general public at more than 30 locations in Zug, all over Switzerland, and abroad. "Kunsthaus Zug mobil" creates a forum for the dialogue with the public in unusual places near and far, initiates new kinds of art projects and conveys parts of the collection into the world outside the museum.

Art Education

Art education gives people access to art, through workshops, projects, guided tours, art at noon, training sessions, and art classes. Kunsthaus Zug gives children, youths, and adults a wide range of opportunities to enter into dialogue with the artworks. This strengthens their perceptive, expressive, and interpretative skills – and turns art into a personal experience. Individual, creative encounters, as well as creative activities, are the focus of our school and free time activities. Art education tests new forms of cooperation with various partners from different disciplines and population groups, and presents these projects to the public. 

A Place for Conversations

Bar Kogler

Visitors are given a friendly welcome. Once inside, you are our guest: the Kunsthaus bar and our quiet garden invite you to linger. Clearly delineated spaces create opportunities for personal encounters with the works of art. Art enters into dialogue with the public: it is independent, profound, and dynamic. Kunsthaus Zug is a place for encounters, where artists meet with the public. 
Zuger Kunstgesellschaft (Zug Art Society) is one of the city's largest associations. More than half of our visitors come from all over Switzerland and abroad. 
Discover the multifaceted Kunsthaus Zug and its artistic "horizons" for yourself – they're within reach.
Photos: © MetzgerMensch; © Florian Holzherr; © Florian Holzherr

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