Leaving Switzerland Why Departures Services are so important

Are you planning to leave Switzerland soon? As Switzerland's relocation market leader, we know from experience that many people underestimate what's involved.

From ending utilities and insurance contracts, selling vehicles, to deregistering from schools and the local community – relocation is much more than just packing boxes and waving goodbye.

Packimpex Ltd. is equipped with Departure Specialists across Switzerland who assist companies and individuals with the complex and often time-sensitive task of moving on.


Swiss lease contracts have specific terms and conditions which differ from canton to canton. Lease cancellations need to follow a certain timeline and protocol.

Appropriate, professional support will liberate you from all of your departure obligations.

Avoid unnecessary fines, follow a detailed checklist and stay informed.

Let the experts handle it for you

Carole Javet and her team of relocation consultants at Packimpex will make sure you exit and return your property with peace of mind.
You can also count on them for support with essential departure services.



At Packimpex we ensure that relocating to another country is well organised and hassle-free.

You will be supported right throughout the departure process with clear instructions in regards to tenant responsibilities and compliancy issues, and you will be assisted with complicated written documentation.


With Packimpex's Departure Service, you will be assigned your own Departure Specialist who is dedicated to supporting you with all of the required departure planning and procedures.

Your Departure Specialist will provide assistance with a number of administrative and on-site formalities.


 defining optimal timelines and responsibilities

 assistance with deregistration at local authority

 cancellation of lease contract(s)

 organising the cleaning of the property for final exit inspection

 presence at preliminary and final exit inspections

 instructions with regards to the return of the deposit

 cancellation of utilities related to the property e.g. electricity, telecommunications, TV licence, maintenance contracts, insurance and mail redirection

 instructions with regards to placing a potential insurance claim

 assistance with selling private vehicles



With an increasing number of foreign hires purchasing property during their stay in Switzerland, Packimpex now offers additional assistance to these clients should they decide to sell or rent their property upon their departure.


 assistance with organising property valuations

 home staging

 advertising the property for rental tenants

 organising property visits for potential tenants

 on-going property management



Our Departure Specialists have a wealth of local knowledge, and both personal and professional experience to draw upon when advising on the departure process.

Customers not only benefit from this professional experience, but also from optimal timeline management, assistance and facilitation for critical steps, and are reassured with compliancy on behalf of the real estate agent.

Clear preparation and coordination around the key dates will ensure that no item remains unattended.

Do you or your employees need departure assistance?

We offer tailor made solutions to suit your requirements. Contact us today for a competitive quote. 

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Established in Switzerland in 1977, Packimpex is Switzerland's relocation market leader and the most awarded international moving company. Packimpex is a highly trusted name in the housing market and has great connections to local real estate agencies and landlords. In the last 10 years alone, Packimpex has helped over 20,000 customers find homes in Switzerland.

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