Living the International life - Can our mail do the same? Making our mail as flexible and portable as an email - case in study: Postbox4you in Zurich

Postbox4you: complete all under one roof mailing solutions for globe trotters, for entrepreneurs, for expats, for private individuals, for busy offices, for internet shoppers… Hub of post and mailing services created to be flexible and work for you in the most satisfying way possible.

In today's busy life, the international news connect us to every little spot on the face of the mother Earth.

We can travel anywhere and we work internationally too. Can our mail be as mobile and international too?

 You might ask – whatever do you mean, the mail is also international. Yes, of course you are right, you receive international letters and packages. But what happens if you decide to travel for few months to Americas or India or Antarctica?

What happens with your mail then? Your letters are delivered to your registered residence address by the national post office. What if you do not have a registered residence address?

For most of the regular folks, these questions are never asked as situations like this don't exist. But for most of us, including yourself – our highly-esteemed reader, they do and sometimes they cause serious considerations and involvement.

For example, in the case of my best friend, this caused not only serious consideration, but also substantial financial resources and high level of anxiety for some time, which, I am sure she will remember always.

Here's what happened. My best friend, let's call her Molly, accepted happily a job offer in Zurich, Switzerland. You would say – great, she must have felt very lucky. And she did. She packed two suitcases and moved to Zurich. There was not time to rent her flat in London, nor there was time to organize the communications, including her mail. She thought she will do this later. 

As the job was great and very involved there was no time to go back and sort things out in London. A vacation was not on the books yet and during the few short visits to see her family in London, there was never enough time for something as mundane as arranging the mail.

Her family was sending her the letters when they were in a big pile and she was trying to sort all out during her weekends. And as you can imagine, the things went out of hand fast.  One day Molly decided ‘enough is enough, it's time to find a solution'.

As Molly's search went on, she found out that what she wanted was not easy to find. Luckily for Molly, Postbox4you just opened its flagship office in the centre of Zurich and we offer all Molly ever wanted and more.

What Molly has now at Postbox4you office is:

  • Personal and private post box
  • Electronic delivery of all her letters
  • Packages and boxes safely delivered to Postbox4you at any time of the day
  • Deliveries from all internet shops, even Amazon or on-line shops in UK
  • All of that at the prestigious Kreis 1 Zurich address
  • Courier services with international reach
  • Mail re-direct to another private or business address
  • Lounge changing room
  • Opening hours suitable for any time-schedule
  • No mail volume restrictions for storage

You might say all that it is very good for Molly, but I have a business to run and am not concerned with Molly's internet shopping dilemma. Postbox4you services for business include and are not limited to:

  • Physical or virtual post box to safely receive all office mail
  • Mailing packages to work around the postal needs of every office
  • Paperless receipt of the office mail in a secure electronic format
  • No limit on mailing volume
  • Forwarding to any business address
  • Secure shredding of documents
  • Prestigious street address for your business communication
  • Mass-mailing of letters of brochures packages
  • Courier mailing facilitated
  • Meeting boardroom for business meetings
  • Business hours 9:00 - 19:00 Monday to Friday, and Saturday 10:00 to 13:00
  • Packaging services

All under one roof: mailing solutions for globe trotters, for entrepreneurs, for expats, for private individuals, for busy offices, for internet shoppers…. Hub of post and mailing services created to be flexible to work for you in the most satisfying way possible. Check us out and give us a chance to make your life easier. 

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