Local heroes and global players Basel. Trade fair city since 1471.

For hundreds of years, Basel has been an attractive location for successful trade fairs, congresses and major international events. You'll be very welcome!

The Basel Autumn Fair, for example, which dates back to 1471, is the oldest and biggest funfair in Switzerland. And Baselworld, the world's leading fair for the watch and jewellery industry, as well as Art Basel, the most important art fair in the world, attract major international players and numerous visitors every year.

Attractive fairs and markets

With over 25 trade and consumer fairs, Basel is the most important exhibition centre in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe.

Baselworld, the leading international trade fair for watches and jewellery, and Art Basel, the world's most important trade fair for modern and contemporary art, are simply outstanding. Basel is also home to the largest Swiss public fair the muba, as well as Swissbau, the most important meeting place for the construction and real estate industry in Switzerland and one of the biggest trade fairs in Europe.



Autumn fair and Christmas market

There are also lots of attractive fairs and markets in Basel, which the city plans, organises and hosts itself on public land. The Basel Autumn Fair is by far the most famous and oldest event of its kind, it has been going since 1471. This inner-city trade fair is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe with eight venues and around 500 annually approved shops. The Basel Autumn Fair 2015 is taking place from 24th of October  to 8th of November 2015 (to 10th of November  2015 on Petersplatz). Have a look at the detailled schedule and the site plan.

In the run-up to Christmas, Basel is duly transformed into a festively decorated and illuminated fairy tale town. The Basel Christmas Market  is now one of Switzerland's biggest Christmas markets with approximately 180 shops. It is held from late November until the 23rd of December.



City and district markets

The popular and eclectic Basel city and district markets, characterised by their quality, freshness and friendly customer service, offer a truly special shopping experience.



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