Make your international assignment work for you The ROI of international assignments

What is your most valuable asset in life? Well, our personal health and that of your loved ones. Your house, the place where you live, where your family has its home base. That's what you would say, right?

The value of your skills as employment potential

Well, in most cases it is directly connected to your future earning potential, which is in direct connection with your talents, your skills, abilities and work experience. Briefly, it's your employment value. And how do you secure or even increase your employment value? An international assignment will improve your skills, create visibility in your business environment and will increase your future employment potential. Many employees realize that the international assignment is something that will bring value neither to them nor to their families but mainly to the employer.

The international assignment

Somehow, it is still considered a sacrifice to make a temporary move abroad, a sacrifice which is mainly compensated financially. Surveys on global mobility trends regularly support the observation that issues with the continuation of the partner's career and/or family concerns are still the main reason for an assignment to be discontinued or refused. Another reason for the assignment to be suspended is the change of the business conditions, which may occur very suddenly. Those who secured their experience into personal assets are flexible and may benefit from corporate changes. So does the corporation which may benefit from the employee`s flexible skills and experience. 

Increasing your employment value with international assignments

Many global companies still require international experience as a MUST in order to be promoted into senior management roles. With the dynamic structure of globally operating companies, employees should be focused on learning about many different managerial functions to secure their potential if business situations change. For the company it is an asset if their employees are able to cope with various business situations.


Develop your potential, build universal knowledge

Assignees are realizing that an International assignment is important for their personal potential and development. Because, let's face it, in order to develop business acumen and an accurate global perspective, you have to be there, on the ground. However, experience alone is not enough to develop these international skills.


Research has shown that executive managers learn most from real world experience and challenging situations. Moreover, they learn much better and more efficiently if they receive guidance in understanding, structuring and using these experiences. An external coach is able to support you with taking theoretical knowledge into practice.


"Experience has taught our best flute players; experience has also taught our worst flute players."

This quote from Plato supports the fact that it is not only experience that counts.  More recently, an article in the Harvard Business Review reformulated this by calling it the "experience trap." Major multinational companies like VW, ING or BMW are adjusting to this "on the job" learning. They provide what they call "just-in-time" or "on the spot" support for their global executives to help them develop global leadership competencies. 


Maximize the benefits of your assignment into personal career assets?  

With clear professional as well as personal objectives for the assignment, a well-managed career and skills development plan offers the opportunity to leverage these skills upon repatriation. International assignees and their partner will see the experience as a valuable addition to their personal development and their future marketability rather than a sacrifice. 


In today's world there is no more "life-long employment."

The generation of employees that is momentarily going into retirement grew up with the notion that you could work for the same company for many years, maybe even your whole career. The specific experiences that each employee would gather would become a vast source of knowledge and a benefit for the company. 

In the past years, companies have developed based on business opportunities, mergers, takeovers. Or even considerably large companies have even ceased to exist. On top of that, employees have become much more individualistic, one side due to the lack of guarantee for longtime employment on the other side because the employees want to have more control over their own life.


Save what you learn in your personal assets

All the above mentioned changes in employment situations are valid reasons to take each experience and all the know-how into your "potential-portfolio" make it universally applicable irrespective of the business situation you work in. What you learn today can be used anytime and anywhere. Becoming aware of when and how to benefit from "on the job" learning or when to call for "just-in-time" or "on the spot" support enabling you to absorb all experience into your personal knowledge center. 


What can C2you! do to help?


We are ready to support you and/or your partner in turning your experiences into personal achievements and benefits with these development programs:

1. Global Career and Leadership Coaching

2. Candidate / Partner Readiness Assessment

3. Partner Career Support

4. Language training French, German, Business English

5. Cultural Training

6. Global Business Skills Training

7. Repatriation Preparation

Help with international assignments in Switzerland

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Author: Mirella De Boer

Mirella de Boer is an ERC Worldwide certified Global Mobility Specialist, Director of C2You! providing expert mobility services with relevant knowledge of Recruitment and Selection, Candidates Readiness Assessment, Destination Services, Global Assignment Preparation Training, Language & Culture programs, Partner Career Support, Global Leadership coaching and development and Repatriation Programs.

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