Moving to and from Switzerland It's time to identify your priorities and expectations because no move is the same.

Relocating to a new country is never stress free. You've made the big decision, but what's important to you in a move? Is convenience a top priority? Cost? Or maybe transport time?

No matter which relocation package you purchase, ultimately you need to ensure that the service meets your needs and expectations. If you do not have experience with international moves, here is a quick check list to help determine you and your family's priorities.




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My Priority is Dependability

This priority is a "must" for…

  • Career relocation
  • People who like to approach a task or assignment in a structured, pragmatic and systematic way
  • People who have had bad experiences in the past

My expectations include…

  • My chosen moving company and their worldwide partners are known for their dependability;
  • High importance is placed on the pre-move consultation;
  • The planning should be realistic and feasible; and
  • I hate tardiness and expect my moving company to adhere to the agreed upon appointments.


My Priority is Convenience

This priority is a "must" for…

  • Career relocation
  • Moves where the budget is not the single deciding factor
  • Advanced age or disability

My expectations include:

  • I would like to make the actual move as simple as possible;
  • My family is already distressed by this relocation. I want to spare them the stress of packing and moving as much as possible; and
  • I have the innate ability to turn an inconvenience into something positive. Therefore I will hand over my house key to the moving company and let the professionals deliver my household goods to our new home.


My Priority is Price

This priority is a "must" for…

  • A limited financial budget
  • People for whom time is not an important factor and for whom the longer transit time does not result in additional expenses

My expectations include:

  • The cost of this move can under no circumstance exceed my budgeted amount;
  • I am willing to reduce the volume of my move if that is what it takes to get a quality move at my budgeted price;
  • If need be, I am willing to lower certain quality and convenience requirements. In particular, I can do a part of the packing (e.g., clothing, books, toys, etc.) or furniture disassembly myself; and
  • I do not expect the quickest routes and best modes of transportation for a cheap price.


My Priority is the Price/Service Ratio

This priority is a "must" for

  •  Every move

My expectations include:

  • I am aware that every service has its price;
  • I know that the price also depends on my expectations and requirements;
  • When I compare various offers, I make sure that I am dealing with the same volume, the same level of service and the same extra charges; and
  • Needless to say I want the most for my money.


My Priority is Transit Time

This priority is a "must" for…

  • Career relocation (time is limited, planning is crucial, there are other projects ongoing)
  • Moves where the budget is not the single deciding factor
  • Advanced age or disability

My expectations include:

  • It is important to me that my household goods are available as soon as possible;
  • It is clear to me that the longer the transit time, the longer I have to stay in temporary accommodation; and
  • I am aware that it is difficult to pinpoint the exact delivery date of overseas moves. There are many influencing factors that are beyond control.


Assessing and Selecting Your Move Provider

Now that you have determined your priorities, it's time to assess and select your move-provider. Here are some key points to ensure a smooth move.

  • Is your provider FIDI-FAIM certified (the only globally recognized quality standard in the international moving industry; see
  • Did I get all relevant information about customs regulations?
  • Does the provider also focus on details, such as room labels, packer quality number, female packers, electronic survey recording and packing lists?
  • Compare quotes for crucial elements including insurance premiums, estimated volume, and extras and exclusions.
Author: Markus Widmann

Markus manages a team of move managers and consultants at Packimpex Moving Ltd. The team provides you with professional assistance when moving your household goods into or out of Switzerland. He has experienced many exciting challenges in the moving industry over the past 17 years. Markus is Swiss and enjoys travelling and meeting people from different cultures.

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